Balancing act: Strategies for achieving both speed and quality in recruitment

At a time rife with ongoing talent shortages and low unemployment, we’re seeing that it’s more crucial than ever to balance the two cornerstones of recruitment — quality and speed — when sourcing candidates.

Many of us naturally lean towards one camp or the other — some are adept at swiftly identifying candidates, while others excel at meticulously vetting applicants to ensure a perfect fit for each client’s needs. But in today’s fiercely competitive candidate market, we can’t afford to focus only on quality or speed — both are essential, and both have to be addressed with equal weight and priority.

Below are strategies to become masters of both — in the name of delivering optimal candidate matches that exceed client expectations.

Quality: Slowing Down to Go Fast

As recruiters, oftentimes we’re so eager to get moving on a job requisition that we fail to make time for quality on the front end that will ultimately lead to speed on the back end — such as taking the time to ask the client in-depth questions about the role and what they really need out of the position. To get ahead, it’s all about getting back to basics:

Be proactive. Today, the most successful recruiters take a consistent, proactive approach — they get ahead of what skills are in demand, highlight other high-level candidates when talking to clients or account managers, anticipate what clients will ask for and know which skills a client might be willing to forego in a particular role. It’s never just about the current position that needs to be filled — to be successful in this industry, it’s all about creating opportunities and planning for what’s coming next.

Be a good listener. Actively listening during intake calls with clients and candidates will lead to better, faster placements. Ask good open-ended questions, and then listen. Be curious and stay focused on the conversation and you will already be ahead of most.

Follow a process. Plan the work and work the plan; take copious notes, ask good questions and enter every bit of information on clients, candidates and job orders into your applicant tracking system. Feeding your tech with good data and information not only makes future searches easier but also enables your organization for automation and AI, if not already implemented in the recruiting process. Good data is the foundation for both speed and quality in recruiting.

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Speed: Technology With a Human Touch

Speed in recruiting today hinges largely on effectively harnessing the multitude of technology and tools available to us. These tools not only expedite processes but facilitate a deeper, more immediate connection.

It’s easier than ever for recruiters to sustain candidate relationships through a quick text or a LinkedIn message, but these interactions are not about going through the motions — it’s equally as important to ensure your messages are authentic and transparent. Here are a handful of key tactics to enhance speed while maintaining a personal, human touch when recruiting:

Lean into your technology. Activity breeds success, and technology can help. Whether it’s automation, AI or your applicant tracking system, maximize their potential. The right message to the right contact at the right time can lead to easy yet meaningful placements, and automated workflows can significantly enhance efficiency.

Create a social media strategy. Establish a social media presence on platforms that your candidates and clients use regularly to attract them to your brand. Maintaining consistency on social media ensures you will be top of mind for your target audience.

Be authentic and consistent. Candidates value openness, especially in digital communication. They’re looking for clarity on job opportunities, but also crave insights into the potential impact they could have in any given role. By providing candid exchanges, recruiters can build trust and deeper connections with their candidates, which will result in multi-dimensional placements based on skills and abilities but also personality and cultural alignment.

Adapting your strategies to enhance both speed and quality is a balancing act. Ensuring that your recruitment practices align with evolving market dynamics and candidate expectations, especially at a time when top talent is in the driver’s seat, is the key to success.

Tracey Power

Tracey Power
Tracey Power is the chief people officer at Vaco Holdings.

Tracey Power

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