Hope and greatness for the new year

As 2023 winds down and we look ahead to 2024, it’s remarkable to note how many of the same issues relative to the country’s workforce, labor market and economy over the past few years remain in place. And it appears that won’t change anytime soon.

Among the top challenges for staffing firms and clients is the ongoing labor shortage, across practically all industries and jobs. It’s still difficult for many companies to find — and retain — good employees. Meanwhile, concerns about the increased costs of seemingly everything as well as general uncertainty about the economy continue to weigh on the minds of consumers and companies.

Put these and similar factors together and it adds up to a business environment that might be aptly summed up in three words: Everything seems mediocre. At the same time, that sentiment really isn’t unexpected as the country moves through the final stage of the post-pandemic era. It’s not even worrisome. In fact, I’m optimistic and excited about the year ahead.

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That’s because while average might be the new great today, I’m confident that greatness as we’ve always known it will return in many regards in 2024. The cycle will come back around as it always does. It’s the steps that firms take with their people today that will help to make that happen in the months that follow. Here are three areas we’re emphasizing:

Outstanding customer service. Perhaps more than any other single factor at this moment in time, providing excellent service is the way to win and keep customers. We remind our people that we need to be at the top of our game every day with customer service.

Professional development. As we seek to instill this customer service mindset and ensure that everyone knows what’s expected of them, we have an obligation to do everything we can to support our team. Offering training, coaching and other support — tailored to each individual — goes a long way in helping people excel.

Leading by example. The best guidance, motivation and inspiration leaders can provide is by exemplifying the behaviors and attitudes they believe are necessary from their teams for everyone to succeed.

There are many macro factors impacting the economy, workforce and business that we can hope will change to help our companies grow. But the reality is many of those things are beyond our control.

Here’s to creating and achieving the hopes you have for your firm in 2024!

Tom Ioele

Tom Ioele
Thomas C. Ioele is chief executive officer of TalentBridge, a staffing, recruiting and talent management company with multiple locations serving clients and candidates throughout the US.

Tom Ioele

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