What Employees Want: Understanding Your People to Retain Your Roster

As a staffing agency, your success hinges on your ability to attract and retain top talent. The problem is, 35% of temp staffing employees get offered permanent roles with clients. This can drive a nail into your expansion plans. To combat this, it is crucial to understand the needs and desires of your employees so they want to continue working for you. Here are five key insights on employee preferences to help you build and maintain an engaged workforce.

The Power of Transparency

Transparency plays a vital role in attracting and retaining employees. According to a FindWRK report, the top request from job seekers is to include wages in job postings. By clearly outlining compensation, along with other relevant information, you set realistic expectations and attract candidates whose expectations align with your budget. Openly sharing details of the entire hiring process can help reduce ghosting and candidate drop-off. A transparent approach builds trust, enhances candidate experience and demonstrates your commitment to fair practices.

The Importance of Speed

When it comes to recruiting candidates, speed is of the essence. Research by Staffing Industry Analysts reveals that staffing agencies fill roles within a few days, while traditional employers may take weeks. This disparity emphasizes the need for agility in your recruitment process. By promptly reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and extending offers, you not only secure top talent but also position your agency as a preferred choice among job seekers. Consider blocking time daily to screen and respond to applicants to keep them engaged in your process. In a competitive landscape, moving swiftly is paramount to success.

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Candidate-Centric Automation

Automation can significantly streamline your recruitment process while maintaining a candidate-centric focus. Implementing automated systems, such as receipt of application messages, allows you to acknowledge candidates’ submissions promptly. Clearly articulating when applications will be reviewed and when interviews start reduces the volume of candidate inquiries and enhances their experience. This gives applicants peace of mind so they aren’t constantly refreshing their inbox as they wait to hear from you. Leveraging software to automate shift scheduling eliminates the need for manual coordination, reducing administrative burden and enabling your team to focus on higher-value activities. By incorporating automation thoughtfully, you enhance efficiency without sacrificing personalized attention.

Effective Management

To manage the hourly workforce effectively, you need to understand the transient nature of your worker base. FindWRK’s report highlights that management is the top reason why job seekers leave their positions. As a staffing agency, it is crucial to partner with clients who prioritize respectful and supportive management practices. If your workers are being mistreated, stand up for them and set expectations that this won’t be tolerated. Building strong relationships with your clients allows you to advocate for your workers’ well-being, ensuring they are treated with respect and provided with exciting growth opportunities. By aligning with employers who value their workforce, you foster an environment where employees feel valued, resulting in increased loyalty and retention.

Retention Incentives

While maintaining a roster of talented individuals is essential for your agency’s success, it is important to recognize that some workers may leave your agency to work for the client directly. To incentivize retention, consider implementing a rewards program that offers additional benefits and perks. Partner with companies willing to provide discounts on training courses, gym memberships and other incentives that can be secured in bulk for your agency roster. This can help give candidates a reason to work for you instead of a competitor or client. Consider introducing tiered levels to reward job seekers who remain with your agency, providing them with exclusive opportunities and higher pay. Promote growth and diversification by surfacing new opportunities that allow individuals to expand their networks and skill sets.

Moving Forward

Understanding what employees want is paramount to retaining your roster and building a thriving staffing agency. By prioritizing transparency, speed and human connection, you can better meet the needs of candidates and improve retention for your roster. Agencies that put their candidates first will get ahead of the competition. When you invest in your employees’ needs and aspirations, you cultivate a workforce that propels your agency’s success.

Matt Parkin

Matt Parkin
Matt Parkin is the business development lead at FindWRK.

Matt Parkin

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