The Four Vs of QBRs

Staffing firms are currently planning for 2022, and part of that plan includes quarterly business reviews with key clients. I am often asked what the framework should be for these meetings. In response, I have developed the Four Vs of QBRs.

Value. You should always demonstrate the value that your staffing firm brings to the client. This can be done in many ways: metrics such as the number of fills, time-to-fill, retention, new projects or programs initiated, etc.

Vision. Part of the QBR should focus on the future. You should always identify ways to improve the services you are providing and anticipate ways to help your clients identify potential problems and then develop solutions for them.

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Vibe. “How are we doing” is always an important part of the QBR. You want to obtain feedback on what’s going well, what needs to be added and what no longer needs to be included. Yes, you may hear something you’d rather not hear, but knowing where improvement needs to take place and taking appropriate action may prevent you from losing the account.

Volume. Last but certainly not least is the ask! Find out where additional staffing opportunities are. Can you replace some of your competitor’s business? Can you add more of the services that you are already providing? Can you offer staffing in new functional areas? You should always have a goal of increasing the market share of your current clients.

Use the four Vs to make sure your future QBRs are effective and a win-win for you and your client.

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