Hot Social Recruiting Trends 2020

2020 is the year of strategy — creating your 2020 vision. So, what trends top the chart?

Thinking about social media and how to manage your platforms, on top of everything else you’re doing for recruiting, can feel overwhelming, especially since it’s always changing. Whether it’s the way we behaviorally use social media, regulations being put in place — or simply,  whatever Facebook decides to do — trends can change at the drop of the hat.

Here are a few of 2020’s hottest social recruiting trends.

Cut through the clutter. Do you find yourself scrolling and scrolling … and scrolling … through social media pages? So are your candidates and clients. In this age of social media, it’s important to be strategic and find a way to take on “scroll culture.” How do we do that?

In 2020, using a wide variety of imagery and mediums is going to be key, as diversifying your page will give your audience more to look at and think about. Aside from the physical imagery, when creating content for your business page think about what your audience is interested in, their pain points, their career desires, and use these to sculpt your social media strategy. What will get your candidate to notice you, be interested, and take action? Is it pay? No call, no show employees? OSHA regulations?

Listen to your analytics. The great part of being in the age of technology is the ability to track everything a user does. So this year, let analytics be your friends.

Whether it’s your website or social media platforms, review your analytics account and think about what the data really means for your strategy. Analyze what platforms, posts, and content are performing the best and attracting the most engagement, then build off this. Instead of throwing content into the clutter, be strategic about what you post and when.

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Be human. We live in a world of instant gratification — it’s no longer acceptable to wait 5 to 7 days for a package to your doorstep. As a society, we want that 2-day free shipping. So, why would our social media behavior be any different? Users want to feel like they’re being spoken to, recognized, and taken care of.

This year, listen first and talk second. Don’t add to the social media noise; take a step back and listen to your clients’ and candidates’ needs before responding. This same trend applies to the way you use growing social media communities such as Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Redditt threads: Be active but read and listen first. The more we listen to our candidates’ and clients’ cries on social media, the better we will understand what we can do for them.

Change never ends. In a world of high-speed internet, change is even faster. Social media is never going to replace your job board, but social recruiting is only going to grow from here.

Elaine Materise

Elaine Materise
Elaine Materise is a social media marketing advisor with Haley Marketing Group. She can be reached at ematerise (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Elaine Materise

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