Content Marketing Tips for Social Media Strategy

Want to improve the quality of the employees that you’re able to recruit via social media, but aren’t sure how to produce the content? Ensuring you have a laser-focused content strategy is vital to improving the success of the recruitment process, and here are some tips on how to get that done.

Attract even when not hiring

You should create content that appeals to the type of people you’re likely to hire in the future, even if you don’t need them just yet. When the time comes for hiring, they’ll see hordes of content that they can relate to and as a by-product they’ll feel as if they can relate to your company.

Not sure what kind of content you’re employees can relate to? Then ask your current employees, or better yet get some of them to contribute to content ideas on a regular basis. They might have more ideas than you have space to publish.

Use career progression as motivation

Within the content strategy, share your ideas for career progression of current employees. This will not only make current employees feel happy and empowered at their place of work, but will also attract those serious applicants who are looking to make a career out of their line of work.

Don’t have career progression programs? Then take this opportunity to develop one — and there are plenty of ways to accomplish that. Nobody is going to want to work for a company that has no career progression. Even if they did, there is no incentive to go the extra mile on everyday tasks.

Don’t be bland

Leave the boring and serious stuff for the corporate website;the social media channels should be light, fun and engaging content. There should be a mix of news and entertainment-based posts. Take a look at what the competition is doing to get ideas, or take a look at other industries and mimic their success.

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Content that is creating a buzz will catch the attention of potential employees and they’ll want to explore your company for themselves. Give them an incentive to do so by creating content that keeps engagement levels for longer than a few minutes

Be a source of news

For serious professionals to care about your social media channels, you need to give them a reason to keep coming back. One way is to provide industry-specific news at regular intervals. However, the news you provide must be laser-focused instead of covering the entire industry. You’ll lose interest from those that you want to employ if you post news that is of no relevance to them.

Not sure where to get news from? There are a variety of sources such as industry-specific online magazines, YouTube channels and even offline sources. Perhaps in your industry there are a few contacts that usually have the inside scoop on certain developments. Forming relationships with these individuals can give you access to information before most on the social sphere do.


Formulating a content marketing strategy for social media doesn’t have to be a taxing task if you understand just how important it can be for recruitment. You’ll save money on the costs of hiring a recruitment company as high-calibre candidates will throw themselves at your company roles. Getting it right can be highly cost-effective for the long term.

Give the tips in this article some serious consideration and you will tilt the odds of recruitment in your favour. As a by-product, you’ll have a great set of social media profiles that can be used for the branding purposes of your company.

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