Top Quick Wins to Boost Your Business

If you lead a staffing business, you already know that it can be quite challenging. You need to provide the clients with the best possible options, and that requires an excellent team of employees which can quickly do the work. Being one step ahead is mandatory in this line of work. So how can you make your business grow and attract more potential clients? Here are some of the quick wins that are easy to do and will boost your staffing business in no time.

Improve the application processing

A staffing business can receive hundreds of applications on a daily basis. And it needs to be in constant contact with their clients who are searching for the best candidates. So if you are still accepting resumes via actual mail and you tend to have piles of different documents all around your office, it might be the perfect time to embrace the latest technologies and move to digital processing. It will save your employees a lot of time, and they will be able to go through resumes faster, which will lead to more satisfied clients who will ask for your services regularly.

Redesign your website

Your business needs to have a professionally designed web page which will provide potential clients everything they need to know about the company. Most importantly, make sure that your website looks good on mobile devices. So many users use their phones in order to browse the web, and they will very likely leave your website as soon as they notice that it is not mobile-friendly. Your web presence should be spotless, so hire a good designer to do this for you. If you are on a tight budget, find an online service that can do the optimization automatically.

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Analyze the feedback

Both positive and negative feedback can do wonders for your staffing business. It can improve the general mood around the office, as well as point out some of the things your company might be lacking. So collect everything and analyze the data during your weekly meetings. If a client is not satisfied with the list of candidates you delivered, go through the entire selection process, and identify what went wrong. You can also check in with your clients and send them a survey via email every couple of months in order to see how satisfied they were with the candidates, as well as the quality of your services. Do not ignore the feedback and address it as often as possible.

Use the social media

Social media should be an important part of your staffing business because it allows you to communicate with your clients instantly and that can boost your staffing business. So if you don’t already have a person in your firm who is maintaining your social media presence, hire someone as soon as possible. They should keep a close eye on your profiles during the work hours and respond to messages or reviews. Make sure they do it quickly, especially if it is a positive review from a client. The person who is in charge of your social media should tackle the negative comments as well and try to find the best solution for an issue at hand.


A staffing business needs to follow the trends and have a good grasp on the market. It is important not to overestimate your abilities, especially if your business is just starting out, so focus on a couple of industries initially and learn as much as you can. This will improve the screening process and help you get regular clients. And don’t forget the online presence because it is the key for successful communication.

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Tom Jager

Tom Jager
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Tom Jager

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