A Combination of Social Media and Staffing Software Can Generate Successful Results

smart phoneStaffing firms cannot solely rely on networking websites to search for new talent. While these networks can certainly be useful tools, they should act as complements to other recruiting mechanisms instead of an individual initiative.

Keeping pace with dynamic technology. On the face of rapidly changing technology, candidates are constantly adapting to new tools, current technology trends and business needs. And candidates these days are more concerned about their strategic alliances regarding their online updates, which means businesses, too, have to keep pace.

Right strategy about communication. Communicating with talent using any social media platform can backfire in some conditions. Based on the frequency of sending the messages — whether internally through a website or email — candidates may consider them as spam or frequent personal updates. So under these circumstances, sending a trail of several vacancies or invitations to connect may push people away and may appear to be a mass attempt at connecting to a hub of potential applicants than appearing to be a genuine, focused effort toward specific people.

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How social media and recruitment software can collaborate. Staffing solutions work as a complementary roadmap to social media sites. Using this combination, businesses can easily monitor all potential talents from several site sources in a single region and enjoy a rapport outside of public forums like LinkedIn and Facebook. It develops a more intense and meaningful bond. Staffing solutions keep companies managed and coupled with their own tools to handle the hiring process. Such platforms are a great resource to those businesses willing to grab top talents.

Considering this argument, it is clear that the combination of social networking and a good applicant tracking system can be the future of the staffing industry.

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Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
As the CEO of TargetRecruit, Reena's focus each and everyday is to deliver the most comprehensive, easy to use and valuable cloud based recruiting tool for the staffing and recruiting industry.

Reena Gupta

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