50 Ways for Your Staffing Company To Use Twitter

470600183If your staffing company isn’t on Twitter, we’re guessing it’s because you haven’t found any value in it for your company. We know time and money also may have something to do with it but according to Twitter, there are 271 million monthly active users.

Your presence on Twitter is essential to tapping into new relationships with clients and candidates. It’s vital for keeping current candidates engaged, and the platform is great for all around company retention. Dust off that Twitter account you opened but haven’t touched since you signed up — we’ve got some ideas for you.

Here are 50 ways for your staffing company to use Twitter:

  1. Distribute new thoughts on your industry: become a leader of many great thoughts.
  2. Keep tabs on your competition without looking like too much of a stalker.
  3. Find and connect with candidates and clients (You can pull in leads!)
  4. Stay on top of industry news.
  5. Learn more about your industry. Twitter is full of data and new ideas are posted nearly every second.
  6. Use Twitter’s list feature to group users into one category.
  7. Set up your Twitter account’s banner and profile picture for retention. Keep your branding and company in the memory of users.
  8. Show potential employees the kind of company culture they will find at your staffing company.
  9. Gain relevant followers with a Twitter advertisement.
  10. Monitor when users are talking about your brand. You can search for posts that mention your brand even if the user didn’t use a hashtag or directly mention your company.
  11. Use Twitter to source ideas for the content on your blog.
  12. Find out what people in the staffing industry are really talking about.
  13. Respond to customer service inquiries, and do it fast!
  14. Share or retweet the content of another company or thought leader.
  15. Get your employees involved by encouraging them to retweet or share content from their personal Twitter accounts.

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Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to use social media for your company, here are ideas on what to post for your followers:

  1. Post a photo of a puppy or kitten if you can make it relevant to your business because seriously, puppies and kittens are the best and people love them.
  2. Share industry stats in infographic form. Example: Chart of 20 highest paying jobs for women.
  3. Promote an industry event, and better yet, if your company will be in attendance — let followers know.
  4. Live Tweet at a staffing conference with photos or quotes from speakers.
  5. Post about something new or exciting happening in your city (it’s all a part of your identity).
  6. Advertise a job opening with a destination-style photo. Don’t blast your followers with only job listings though.
  7. Run a poll. These work well particularly if it’s something people care about like the rise of online staffing, struggles within the recruiting/job seeking industries.
  8. Share a blog post from your company website. Mix up how you posting method (sometimes a photo, sometimes just a link and with different wording than what you used when you posted it to Facebook.)
  9. Give a tour of your office. Using another app such as Vine, give your followers an inside look at where the work gets done every day, and then share it via Twitter.
  10. Ask your followers to post fan photos. Medical Solutions does an exceptional job of getting its travel nurses involved in sharing photos on social media with the “Nurse Selfie of the Week” campaign.
  11. Recommend other users for your followers to connect with. You may have seen this on Twitter on Fridays with the hashtag #FF (Follow Friday)
  12. Share well-produced, short YouTube videos on interviewing for a job, staffing, etc.
  13. Highlight a follower of the month (this is basically what we do at Staffing Robot with our This Staffing Life Featured Company). Extra points if you can find a way to blog about it!
  14. Distribute a helpful eBook or guidebook to your followers.
  15. Start a live Q & A. The day before advertise: “Tomorrow! 4 PM ET, ask Tamara, our recruiter anything about getting hired!” Then, log into Twitter and answer industry questions during the set Q & A time.
  16. Share a news story that will be relevant to followers in the industries of staffing, nursing, IT, etc.
  17. Tweet a funny nurse, IT, staffing, etc., meme.
  18. Post photos of employees work spaces or desks and see if followers can guess which space belongs to each employee.
  19. Have employees display their work essentials that allow your team to function and post photos. Engage with followers and ask them to post too.
  20. Share a TED talk related to employment, staffing, health industry, etc.
  21. Link to a blog post that outlines a day in the life of a recruiter or associate.
  22. Promote your services or software. It’s OK to remind people what you do.
  23. Retweet others in the industry.
  24. Shoutout or thank a new follower by tagging his or her Twitter handle in your post.
  25. Fill-in-the-blank questions tend to do well. Example: “My favorite thing about staffing is ____________.”
  26. Promote what your employees or candidates are doing outside of work. Are they volunteering or helping a charity?
  27. Give industry tips (not advice; people tend to ignore unsolicited advice. (YEAH, OK. WHATEVER, MOM!)
  28. Run a contest and give away branded swag. We do this for Famous Robot Fridays at Staffing Robot.
  29. Just had a company party? Promote your office culture by Tweeting photos from the event.
  30. Share a little known fact e.g. “69% of recruiters say they have rejected a candidate after viewing his/her social media account.”
  31. Round up the best Tweets of the week and write a blog post about them. Hint: Expand a Tweet and click “More” and then “Embed Tweet.” Paste the embed code directly into your blog.
  32. Got employees on vacation or traveling nurses? Post photos from their adventures.
  33. Share your thoughts on current events (like the new iPhone release!). Careful though, make sure you understand all hashtags and events (don’t want to blow it like DiGiorno Pizza).
  34. Create a Vine or Instagram video promoting your services or company culture to share directly on Twitter.
  35. Engage, engage, and engage some more. Use Twitter for more than job postings and your followers will arrive in hordes.

Need more ideas for engaging with your clients and candidates on Twitter? Staffing Robot can help with social media marketing! Fill out our contact form or complete a free assessment.

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Karen Locke

Karen Locke
Karen Locke is a content strategist and writer at Staffing Robot.

Karen Locke

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