Jump to the Next Curve – Part 3: Provide Access to a Private Talent Pool

curve part 3In our last blog post, we talked about the complicated dance that is temporary staffing. So many steps make up the complex choreography. Within an agency both the recruiters and the account managers spend time getting to know each of their clients on an individual basis. Not only do they need to determine the right skill sets for new candidates but also the personality types that work best within each office environment.

Placing an ill-suited candidates into a company can be as detrimental as placing an unqualified one. 

Once a service reaches a comfort level with their customer, they find it extremely easy to spot candidates who would excel in their environment.

A recruiter doesn’t need to recreate the wheel every time their client contacts them with a new need. However, within the staffing company situations can arise such as employee turnover which make it necessary for new recruiters to relearn each client’s culture. With the right structure in place, this learning curve can be greatly shortened. This is where a customized, private talent pool can become quite useful.

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Even when a company does not have a current need, a recruiter can tag a specific employee with that customer information to maintain the record electronically that this candidate is perfect for that client. Without the right workforce management tool, too much of this information stays in the brains of the recruiters causing a lack of communication for future projects. Good employees go without jobs and clients can be unhappy with the quality of service.

Online staffing offers an excellent opportunity to create private talent pools customized for each client. When the next need arises, the information is already available and candidates can be contacted quickly. A recruiter can let the client know that these candidates have been hand selected based on their specific skills and their ability to fit within the organization as a whole. With each requirement or preference from the client, the field can be narrowed and focused so only the best candidates are submitted for any open position.

Your clients may not hire new employees every day. They may not even contact you once a month. When they do have a need it is often urgent. Having the ability to create these private talent pools can give you the freedom as a recruiter to focus on the most important aspects of your job: connecting the right people with the right companies at the right time.

Our next topic for the “Jump to the Next Curve” series will be the Online Staffing Marketplace. Be sure to read parts 1 and 2 as well. 

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Chirag Mehta

Chirag Mehta
Chirag Mehta is founder and CEO of NextCrew, an on-demand workforce management software. He can be reached at chirag (at) nextcrew (dot) com.

Chirag Mehta

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