Paul Pincus Paul Pincus
Paul H. Pincus is an M&A attorney and a partner with Ortoli | Rosenstadt LLP, where he concentrates on mergers & acquisitions, corporate law, contracts, and employment law for the staffing industry. He can be reached at php (at) orllp (dot) legal.

An M&A Must: A Pre-Sale Legal Audit Can Set Up A Successful Sale

Sellers of staffing firms have one chance to get it right. Getting the process wrong at best can reduce the value they get from the sale of their firm. At worst, getting it wrong can ...

Seller Beware: Don’t Market Your Staffing Firm Without Doing a Presale Legal Audit

Selling a staffing firm involves significant risk and is something that most owners do only once in their lifetime. And there are no do-overs. The seller must do it right the first ...

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