SEO for staffing agencies: Boosting your online visibility

Establishing an online presence is not just beneficial — it’s essential for survival. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. At The TemPositions Group of Companies, we’ve recognized that effective SEO is a fundamental strategy in today’s employment market, where most job searches and business inquiries start online.

Start With Your Job Postings

If you are new to SEO, then consider cutting your teeth by applying SEO practices to your company’s job postings. You should see an immediate return within a matter of days.

Focus on keeping job titles between one to three words, and test more than one job title for each job. For critical positions, consider testing up to 10 job titles. For example, TemPositions often fills roles that could be performed by someone from a variety of backgrounds. A data entry position could be filled by someone who is currently an office clerk, receptionist, customer service representative or administrative assistant. Post under each title and close the ones that underperform. Different areas favor different job titles.

Experiment with your jobs to find a mix that works best for you. I guarantee you will receive a better return on your ad dollars spent.

Understand Your Target Audiences

Now that your job postings are optimized, it’s important to understand what conversion events you would like to improve on your website. Do you want more clients to fill out your contact form, more applicants to apply for your jobs, or both?

Map out an ideal customer profile. Focus on a specific industry, department or skillset. What niche in staffing is your bread and butter? What job titles are you consistently sourcing for?

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Master Keyword Research

Once you understand the audience you want to attract, perform comprehensive keyword research by identifying the words and phrases that your audiences use when searching for staffing services online. Tools like Ahrefs are invaluable in this process, as they offer detailed insights into keyword search volumes and competition levels. By leveraging Ahrefs, you can pinpoint the most effective keywords that align with your services and audience’s needs, laying a solid foundation for your SEO efforts.

Integrate your identified keywords into high-quality content. This content, which can range from blog posts and industry insights to services pages, should not just captivate the audience but also meet the criteria set by search engines for higher rankings. Familiarize yourself with terms like page title, meta description, alt text, anchor text, slug, H1 and H2. You’ll need to optimize each of these elements for each page based on your keyword research.

Leverage Google for SEO Insights

Now that you know the keywords you would like to rank for, try typing them in Google and see what pops up in the first 10 search results. Your content competitors will likely overlap with your actual service competitors, but they may not! Don’t limit yourself by only looking at content other staffing firms are creating. Look at everyone who is ranking for the keywords you are trying to rank for. Then create even better content to outperform your competition.

Once you start publishing new content, it’s essential to understand the impact of your SEO efforts. This is where Google Search Console and Google Analytics play a critical role. Google Search Console is a great tool to understand what keywords are currently driving traffic to your site. Google Analytics provides invaluable data such as website traffic patterns, user engagement metrics and conversion rates.

Utilize free tools like Google’s Pagespeed Insights to analyze the technical SEO performance of individual pages and identify ways to improve the overall performance of your website.

Continue to Learn and Adapt

SEO is an ever-evolving field. Search engine algorithms constantly update and user behavior patterns shift, so staying informed about the latest trends and changes in SEO is crucial for agencies to remain competitive. This involves continuous learning, experimentation and adaptation of SEO strategies to align with the latest best practices and industry standards.

Walter Prystowsky

Walter Prystowsky
Walter Prystowsky is director of marketing at TemPositions.

Walter Prystowsky

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