How to enhance employee experience across global teams

Making sure every teammate feels supported and cared for is in fact what brings us all together and lies behind a healthy work culture. But how do we make everyone feel part of one village when your employees are based all over the world?

A good place to start is with building your “culture intelligence” cache through which you deploy all your initiatives and people processes. It means understanding and appreciating the subtleties of how our staff in different locations prefer to work. In Israel, for example, there’s a strong emphasis on building personal relationships, while in the US a more formal and work-centric approach is common. Recognizing and respecting these nuances will go a long way towards creating a more harmonious and considerate work environment.

It is based on the philosophy of embracing diversity so that you can create an environment where everyone feels valued and understood. Key ingredients to achieving this involve clear communication, adaptable leadership and an inclusive work environment. Let’s explore how these elements come together to enhance satisfaction and productivity for everyone.

At HiBob, we take a “glocal” (global plus local) approach to ensure that every individual feels heard, included and respected, regardless of location or regional habits.

Let’s start with company communications. Make your all-hands meetings inclusive by scheduling them twice to accommodate for different time zones, and use interactive technology tools such as Zoom, Teams and Slack to enhance engagement. Picture a digital fireside chat format available through technology that replicates the metaverse where team members can virtually gather, exchange ideas and connect through emotive emojis: This way, you can create a space where both in-person and remote participants can interact seamlessly in a way that transcends physical distances. This approach also extends to things like onboarding.

It’s also needed for the more social side of work. We understand that what works in London might not have the same impact in Sydney. For instance, a happy hour might be a hit in the UK, while in Australia, a BBQ lunch is more their speed. This is where cultural intelligence comes in again. Additionally, we recommend bringing teams together physically in the office through catered lunch clubs and mental health workshops, for example, providing that extra touch to enhance connection and happiness.

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Creating a workplace where people genuinely want to be requires more than just words or catered lunches for that matter — it’s about leading by example. Help people managers become trusted leaders through supported training, facilitated by HR, leadership development specialists and organized peer coaching. This will contribute to building alignment, shared values and a unified managerial language. These aspects not only form the bedrock of authenticity and trust within your organization but also pave the way for open communication and collaboration.

Learning doesn’t stop with managers. In a workplace where you want satisfaction and growth to go hand in hand, businesses need to actively listen and provide tailored learning for all employees. At HiBob, we’ve woven this philosophy into our culture through the use of platforms like LinkedIn Learning as well as empowering people to create their own training materials, blending knowledge-sharing with individual development. We base these initiatives on insights from our people survey and found it creates a positive cycle that really improves employee well-being. Efficiently managing these initiatives calls for technology like Learning Management Systems (LMS) that seamlessly scale, ensuring accessibility for all, anytime.

We recognize that happiness extends beyond work achievements alone and that people find great comfort and joy from benefits designed to allow better work-life balance. For example, we offer initiatives like HiBaby for family time with a newborn, wherever they are, and a two-month Work From Anywhere scheme for those seeking a change of scenery. Our quarterly Bob Balance Days, in addition to annual leave, are also very popular when the whole company shuts down for those days to give everyone guilt-free time away from emails and meetings. Implementing similar initiatives in your own organization will help show your team they are cared for and valued.

Ultimately, the process of building a global team is ongoing, requiring organizations to stay receptive to feedback and incorporate innovative ideas for continuous improvement and remembering that putting your people at the center is everything.

Nirit Peled Muntz

Nirit Peled Muntz
Nirit Peled Muntz is chief people officer at HiBob.

Nirit Peled Muntz

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