6 Hiring Trends Every Recruiter Should Know

Recruiting companies and HR professionals have been consistently striving to build a recruitment framework that supports a candidate-driven market. Today, candidates study employer working conditions, social media activity and employee-related news before applying to open positions. This means recruiters need to be on top of trends as well. To that end, here are six hiring trends that are here to stay.

Recruitment marketing. The recruitment industry has become candidate driven in the last 10 years. In such situations, businesses need to employ extra efforts to stand out among other brands. Many candidates look for employee support and a healthy work environment these days. Building an employee-friendly brand will take some time. It is recommended that you start investing in displaying a brand that supports employee growth. Make use of social media strategies and tactics to reach your target talent pipeline.

Work flexibility to attract more candidates. Surveys show that more than 50% of hiring professionals aim to facilitate flexibility. Even before the pandemic, work from home jobs were a hit with employees due to the reduced commute expenses and healthy work environments. A healthy work life balance is a salient feature of remote working. Moreover, many professionals also prefer flexible working hours. Flexible working hours helps them plan their day as per their convenience without adhering to fixed office timings.

No more paper resumes. Digital resumes have made application screening easier for staffing firms. Also, it is a great initiative to enhance an eco-friendly work environment. Most companies ask candidates to send resumes online before the interview assessment is initiated. Digital resumes help clients to collect candidate details of a specific skill set. This paper-free approach helps avoid irrelevant resume details. A staffing firm will make use of digital resumes coupled with the latest technology for efficient candidate categorization.

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Diversity focused recruitment drives. Diversity hiring has been a game changer in recruitment drives. Businesses are striving to hire employees that belong to diverse backgrounds, cultures and locations.Most hiring firms try to provide organizations with potential candidates across different age groups, ethnic groups and genders. Many brands aim for offshore hiring and global talent recruitment opportunities to accommodate dynamic and agile candidates from all over the world. Diversity hiring aims at building a recruitment framework that is purely based on the candidate’s merit and free from any biases that result due to gender, age, nationality, religion or race.

The growing use of artificial intelligence. Time-consuming screening processes have been replaced by automated application screening. AI-based recruitment drives have helped companies identify the best talent from a huge application pool. Artificial intelligence also helps firms identify potential candidates and reach their target population. AI can also be employed to verify candidate backgrounds and generate reliable candidate reports. AI helps avoid a large chunk of manual error in to ensure guaranteed hiring results.

Virtual recruiting. The global pandemic has forced many hiring agencies to improve their virtual recruitment processes. Virtual recruitment trends have become a competitive criterion for most hiring firms. Choosing the right technology to support your in-house recruiters is essential for virtual recruitment.

In recent years, candidates have gone beyond the salary packages and have started screening employers for the work ethics and healthy environment they offer. Most companies seek an upper hand in the recruitment process and hence run a deep-level competitor’s recruitment analysis. Recruitment marketing has also witnessed considerable changes in the last 10 years. Gone are the days when a simple newspaper advertisement was sufficient to attract potential candidates.

Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla is a managing director at Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Sunny Chawla

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