Behavioral Talent Assessments, Designed for Modern Staffing Agencies

The hunt for the right employee is tight in all sectors, especially for staffing agencies looking to fill jobs relative to the available labor pool. Staffing firms know the conundrum all too well: there are more open jobs than there are qualified workers for hire. More the reason staffing professionals need modern HR talent technology solutions that provide integrated predictive talent analytics, prescriptive recommendations, learning and development optimization, and meaningful employee feedback—so agencies can work more effectively to manage employee and client expectations, seize new opportunities, and outpace the competition.

While staffing agencies offer a way for clients to gauge an employee’s ability prior to hiring them permanently, or to fill contingent open positions, they themselves need intuitive, intelligent assistant, talent acquisition technology that is integrated within a complete talent management platform to provide the “right-skilled employees” as part of their unique workforce solutions to clients.

One of the top 2018 trends for staffing firms is sourcing, hiring, onboarding, training, and retaining best performers to fulfill client contracts. This challenge is magnified by the fact that the labor supply is stretched in a time where staffing companies are competing for top talent, while also aiming to find ways to build a stronger brand as well as increase customer loyalty.

A modern HR talent acquisition and retention solution built with staffing needs in mind, that utilizes a proven, data-driven science-based talent methodology, can help firms attract and quickly create a ‘short list’ of the best candidates to hire, as well as help decide the right worker to retain to deliver precise client skillsets.

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No longer do companies need to guess about whom to hire or whether if they will stay; staffing agencies can use direct input from candidates or existing employees by sharing and leveraging talent assessment technology and behavior data across the enterprise. Staffing firms can also use talent acquisition behavior assessment tools for more than just recruiting. A fact-based behavioral data tool can assess talent objectivity, recommend the right person to hire, develop, and retain, and provide scientific, real-time analytical insight, built-on a digital platform.

Providing staffing managers and their employees with an automated, personalized, role-based, behavioral data assessment insight tool can help organizations identify key/high-potential employees, offer relatable employee development plans, and create targeted future leaders succession pipelines based on facts, not feelings.

Staffing firms looking to improve recruitment, develop talent, and build a growth succession plan to retain the best staffing services employees require a multi-level behavioral, cognitive, and cultural trait view that goes beyond skills and competencies. They need to build a staffing talent model that reflects the behaviors and the kind of employees who will best fit in with their staffing culture, to better serve clients.

Behavior-based talent assessments can also be used as a valued employee-driven career-coaching tool to help workers transition into new roles. They can help to identify individual characteristics, strengths and skill gaps, and from that, suggest individual learning and development recommendations based on career aspirations.

Creating an environment where staffing employees want to build their skills requires an innovative approach to talent management. Staffing firms need modern employee assessments that can offer a new recruiter a ’snapshot in time’ of their career from the first day and provide insightful, individualized behavior and skill gap data to identify learning needs – to help them transition in to new roles (from recruiter/sales/branch manager), to achieve success and career goals.

Here are a few ways a science-driven, talent predictable assessment can help HR staffing teams and managers leverage a three-dimensional behavior talent tool for planning, employment engagement, and retention:

  • Leverage predictive talent analytics to put the right people in the right positions, at the right time, and on the first try; this will prove vital to achieving distinctive business objectives.
  • Avoid ‘guessing’ about the right talent and deploy a scientific assessment methodology derived from individual traits and behaviors performance success profiles, tailored to any staffing role.
  • Build long-term career-pathing strategies, reduce staff turnover and boost productivity—from a single behavioral assessment, integrated to broader talent functions, such as pre-boarding, onboarding, transition management, development, learning, and succession management.

Combining the best science-driven talent management framework and processes, coupled with innovated, modern talent DNA behavior assessment talent acquisition technology, can help staffing firms manage labor shortages, decrease turnover, shorten recruitment and ramp-up time to retain the right employees.

Andres Amaya

Andres Amaya
Andres Amaya is senior director of Infor.

Andres Amaya

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