Creating the Ultimate Productivity Flow

In my last post, I discussed identifying that ultimate tech that will take you to the heights of your organization’s productivity. So, now that you (hopefully) have done so, it’s still a bit too early to put your feet up and relax.

Now that you have given your team the best tech out there, you need to align them to the new process. Good thing is, some of this work has been done for you by this technology already. But aligning the process is just one half of the deal. You now need to reignite your team’s spirits, make them feel excited about their work again—make them believe there is a better world for recruiters out there, and that they are now lucky to be part of it. What you need to enable, is ‘drive’, excitement, collective enthusiasm — that powerful fuel that will enable your organization’s ultimate productivity flow.

But, you ask,“How do I do it? Where do I start?”

Examine your team’s up and down times. Learn their vernacular and pay attention to what makes them go off track. Create the process around these pitfalls; keep checking in and tracking their performance in your new system.

Besides group chanting, meditation, yoga in the office and other non-traditional employee engagement activities available today, there is one simple powerful way to engage: to describe the benefits of the system you are about to put in place. The system that puts your recruiter in the center of the process — that alleviates all anxiety and hard manual work they used to do, dealing with constant interruptions and cumbersome steps, endless band-aid solutions, and workarounds entrenched in the old process.

Yes, you can call a town hall meeting and announce:

“Let’s work smart, not hard!”

Who wouldn’t love to hear this from their management team? It guarantees instant buy-in — engagement levels not seen before in your company’s history. Just try it. At a very minimum, it will make even the skeptic’s heads turn. You’ll gain everyone’s undivided attention.

Now that you have their attention, remind them how they used to work long hours, trying to find those perfect candidates, how the competition was beating them to the punch, and they had to start from scratch the next morning. Remind them of all the pains they have been experiencing. Mention the quotas they’ve been struggling to fill.

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I can assure you, many will be surprised to hear that management acknowledges their everyday hurdles and problems — and, what’s more important, cares enough to fix them.

Now make a pause, and unveil your new process:

Mention the following phrase: “Recruiter in the center.”

You have the technology. You have created the roadmap for implementing your effective process. What you need to do next is: guard and foster that initial trust your team gave you. Keep the oil burning, so the light never goes out. Remember, the buy-in from your entire team is critical in managing the productivity flow. It is the hardest to attain but if done successfully, will pay off tenfold.

“Recruiter in the center” will be your new mantra for years to come.

And what does a happier more productive, not-overworked recruiter mean for your business?

I don’t have to tell you that it means: more satisfied customers, new hires and candidates, higher profit margins and thriving culture that will elevate your organization’s brand, all while generating more and more new business.

So let’s get started. And please share your success stories with me.

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Yana Nigen

Yana Nigen
Yana Nigen is chief marketing officer of JobDiva. She can be reached at yana (at) jobdiva (dot) com.

Yana Nigen

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