Time for a Tech Upgrade: Engaging Millennials throughout the Hiring Process

ThinkstockPhotos-163321846Regardless of the reputation of Millennials, the truth is companies want to hire them – and they should. This generation of twenty-somethings has proven to be adaptable, creative and technologically adept, all of which are characteristics that companies, especially in emerging fields, find extremely valuable. Millennials are a completely different generation and if you’re not consciously making an effort to appeal to them, you’re going to miss the boat on these potential employees. The problem is, many companies have trouble gaining their interest.

Millennials want to know the company before accepting the job. From a recruitment standpoint, I’ve seen that it’s difficult to gain the attention of these valuable workers. What companies seem to be missing is the fact that they need to make adjustments in their recruiting strategies to successfully appeal to the hyper-connected generation. Companies have to realize that it’s going to take more than posting a job on social media. You have to give Millennials a reason to be interested in the company. This can be done through charities, networking events, word-of-mouth marketing, etc. Get creative. Millennials are looking to be a part of something different. Most importantly, your name needs to be out there; otherwise, they don’t know who you are or where to apply.

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Gaining their attention is only half the battle. Getting the word out and presenting your company in a positive light is only the first step when it comes to attracting Millennials. Once they apply, you have to keep them engaged throughout the entire process. The best two pieces of advice I can give on engagement are to streamline the hiring process and utilize technology. Millennials are already tech-savvy and they will be turned off by outdated companies and long application processes. Staffing software companies are dedicating more efforts to developing solutions to help companies hire Millennials. By implementing mobile hiring solutions, companies are able to appeal to Millennials’ techy needs with around-the-clock access and the ability to stay connected to opportunities on-the-go, regardless of their location.

The Millennial generation can help revolutionize companies today through creative ideas and willingness to test out new technology and make improvements to businesses. Companies need to understand that recruiting is not a one-way street anymore. The interview process is about interviewing the candidate but the candidate is also interviewing the company.

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Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James
Elizabeth James is regional vice president of sales, TempWorks Software.

Elizabeth James

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