Staffing Placements and Exposure to COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, many businesses are forced to transition to a remote workforce or shut down business operations, causing layoffs and unemployment rates to increase. Although businesses are grinding to a halt, other business areas, such as decontamination and sanitation vendors, are beginning to see an influx in service requests and partnerships.

While this creates a great opportunity for specific service providers, it also exposes their employees to the coronavirus. It’s important for businesses to assess their partnership/service agreement in order to mitigate and protect against any risks and exposure. Prior to solidifying a placement agreement, businesses should strive to understand:

  • The kind of work that is requested along with any necessary work equipment.
  • The work location environment, exposures and potential risks.
  • The employee experience and training necessary to do the job.

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Lockton’s risk management experts have compiled a guide that provides key considerations to help businesses protect and mitigate risks as they provide labor during the coronavirus pandemic. The guide addresses:

  • Contractual risk management concerns.
  • Liability claims.
  • Subrogation waivers.
  • Contractual language and responsibility.
  • Engineering and administrative controls.
  • Personal protective equipment supplies and training.

Protecting your business and your people should always be the top priority, especially during this time. The best approach is to carefully assess each placement request and understand existing risk coverage in order to mitigate risks and exposure. Download the guide to learn how to assess and protect your business and your people during the coronavirus.

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Richard Zahner

Richard Zahner
Richard Zahner is a partner with Lockton Cos., which consults with businesses in the areas of risk management, retirement and employee benefits. He can be reached at rzahner (at) lockton (dot) com.

Richard Zahner

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