Information Is Everything — So Buck the Status Quo

If you think about it, information is not just useful — it’s everything. Without information, we are blind mice poking into corners and running into walls. Here is a simple, yet powerful, example. How many of you know what the numbered stickers on fruit represent? Next time you are about to buy an apple, banana or any other fruit, notice what number is on the sticker; if it starts with a 9, you are lucky — it’s organic. Those beginning with a 4 were grown using pesticides; 8 means GMO. How is that for starters?

Now, let’s think about what information means when applied to the tools of labor, or more specifically, to your business. It is an inevitable fact that the systems we choose to use today will define our success of tomorrow.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Michael Houseman, using a specific browser correlates with employees’ success and career path. How? Those who were using IE and Safari performed poorly against those who used Chrome and Firefox. When scientists looked at the correlation, they also noticed the tenure and job satisfaction scores panned out the same way. When given the tech savviness test, both groups checked out equally.

The puzzle was simple. Those who used IE and Safari went with the status quo and did not look for a better browser. IE came with their Windows and Safari came with their Mac. This group accepted the reality as it came to them pre-packaged and did not bother to change anything about it. They did not seek better options, but instead followed the status quo. Those who looked around for more information and downloaded a better browser were not only able to improve their search experience, but also re-shaped their work experiences. They were able to make their current jobs better, stayed in those jobs longer, and felt more satisfied at work.

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So what about your tech usage? Your company’s?

Have you ever stopped to think that using your default ATS system, that system your business was grandfathered into by an M&A activity or by a pre-existing process, closes you off from improving your process? By accepting the status quo you are blocking yourself from receiving the most important—and useful—information.

Information is everything, and taking an active approach, instead of accepting the status quo, is critical.

Accepting the status quo can be deadly to the business; instead, actively seek, evaluate and be in-the-know in terms of technology, and how advancements in technology can help you succeed. Today, technology defines how much and how accurately your business delivers. Seek the truth, be in-the-know, and succeed.

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Yana Nigen

Yana Nigen
Yana Nigen is chief marketing officer of JobDiva. She can be reached at yana (at) jobdiva (dot) com.

Yana Nigen

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