IT Staffing in 2014: The Importance of a Talent Partner

174320881In a span of just 90 days, Mastech recruited and placed more than 50 people in a highly specialized finance capability. Could the internal hiring team have delivered this volume and speed? Perhaps. But the better question is should they? Here are three questions to help you assess if your hiring team should consider leveraging an IT talent partner in 2014.

1. Does your time-to-fill align with the speed of your business today? As I shared in my last post, the number and range of IT job openings is rapidly outpacing the pool of qualified talent in the U.S. If you’re like many hiring managers right now, you’re experiencing increases in voluntary turnover, difficulty attracting the right talent and more candidates turning down job offers. These factors drive up time-to-fill, which translates to real dollars of lost productivity for your company.

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2. Does the IT professional in your job description really exist? With the complexity and diversity of IT, that perfect resource defined in your job description may not exist in today’s marketplace, and if he does, he is likely to cost more than you planned to spend. A strong talent partner can help you understand the market and identify the most important parts of the skill base you’re looking – within your budget. They also can help you source and deliver that talent in this highly competitive marketplace.


3. How can you deliver the greatest value to your CIO? Misperceptions, and unfortunately some experiences, give hiring managers a view of talent partners as a necessary evil or threat to their jobs rather than an asset. When properly engaged, a trusted talent partner should be a secret weapon, your own team of recruiting experts who help fill IT requirements with greater time- and cost-efficiency. They also should be a resource extension that frees your team from lower-level work to focus on delivering real business value that helps your department, and ultimately your CIO, operate more effectively and successfully.

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Kevin Horner

Kevin Horner
Kevin Horner is CEO of Mastech Inc.

Kevin Horner

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