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157999502Now is a good time to start a new business or expand an existing one. According to a recent article by Laurie Kulikowski  in TheStreet, roughly 514,000 new businesses were formed per month last year, a rate that surpasses pre-recessionary and long-term levels. However, cash flow is at a premium in the early stages of any company and critical to its success. Balancing revenue with costs means that some departments may be undermanned at a crucial time when customer service, marketing and many other key functions need to be performing at top capacity. Founders and key executives also know there’s a fine line balancing company growth while managing other areas of the business.

Flexibility is key when jump-starting or growing a business. The strategic use of professional staffers offers ultimate flexibility and the ability to readjust as the business needs change. Below are key reasons new and fast-growing organizations should consider professional staffers:

1. Professional staffers provide a significant benefit by allowing management to spend more time fine-tuning their business and less time hiring and training employees.
2. Companies save money due to the fact that they are not responsible for paying benefits, employer taxes, etc. Additionally, significant spend in recruiting costs is lowered due to professional service/staffing agencies bearing the burden and cost of those activities.
3. Finding the right strategic staff, with the right skills and experience, at the right time is a difficult job. Professional staffing agencies can help find and onboard specialized staff quickly.

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4. Professional staffers are generally more senior and likely to have their own contacts, which can translate into business resources. Given their senior level, they know how to represent the business in a positive and professional manner.
5. Many times individuals who begin with a business as professional staffers will wind up being some of the most influential contributors and often wind up being converted to employees. This ensures that an organization is able to maintain consistency as it matures.

As you consider whether or not to use professional staffers to grow your business, consider the goals for your organization and how you plan to achieve them. Most likely, those goals include getting the “right people on the bus,” as Jim Collins wrote in Good to Great. Professional staffers enable you do that quickly so that you can get down to the business of achieving your other goals.

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John Kennedy

John Kennedy
John Kennedy is general manager of SprocketPRO, a professional services staffing agency.

John Kennedy

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