HR Jobs Grow 9% – Recruiters Top the Charts

top recruiterHiring demand for human resources professionals can often be seen as an indicator of hiring across an organization. As more employees are needed, a company would require more recruiters, compensation/payroll administrators, and training and development specialists to find, hire, and “onboard” employees. Recently, hiring demand for HR jobs has been growing. According to WANTED Analytics, there were more than 193,000 jobs available online for HR professionals during the past 90 days, a nine percent increase compared to the same 90-day period last year.

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Another signal that hiring across the U.S. may be gearing up, the most commonly advertised job title for HR professionals is “recruiter.” In fact, various recruiting job titles appear four times on the below list of the 10 most commonly advertised job titles. Payroll and general human resources titles appear three times each.

Most Commonly Advertised HR Job Titles:

  1. Recruiter
  2. Human Resources Assistant
  3. Payroll Specialist
  4. Technical Recruiter
  5. Payroll Clerk
  6. Payroll Administrator
  7. Human Resources Coordinator
  8. Recruiting Coordinator
  9. Human Resources Specialist
  10. Senior Recruiter

The Hiring Scale, which measures conditions in local job markets by comparing hiring demand, labor supply and other trends, shows that employers will have difficulty when sourcing HR professionals as potential candidates. With increasing demand and a limited number of qualified potential candidates in any one area, employers are likely to advertise jobs for 6 weeks. Some of the areas with more difficult conditions, like Odessa (Texas), can spend up to 7.5 weeks sourcing candidates, interviewing applicants, and filling open positions.Some locations that these jobs are less difficult to fill are Norwich (Connecticut) and Pocatello (Idaho) where employers average a five-week posting period for HR jobs.

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Abby Lombardi

Abby Lombardi
Abby Lombardi is the marketing director at WANTED Analytics™, a company that helps recruiting organizations make better decisions faster with real-time business intelligence on jobs, employers, and talent. She can be reached at abby.lombardi (at) wantedanalytics (dot) com.

Abby Lombardi

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