Helping clients battle the epidemic of employee burnout

Employee burnout has reached a critical juncture, and I believe as staffing leaders we can step up and help our client companies — and our own organizations — address this pressing issue.

While employee burnout certainly isn’t unfamiliar to most leaders, it deserves renewed attention. Nearly half (48%) of professionals surveyed said they’re experiencing unprecedented levels of stress when it comes to achieving work-life balance, according to a recent 24 Seven survey conducted for our annual Salary Guide. The issue is compounded by the fact that only about one-third of respondents said their organizations have made reducing stress a priority, underscoring the discrepancy between the needs of employees and the actions taken by their employers.

In addition, according to SHRM’s Employee Mental Health in 2024 Research Series, workers who feel burned out are almost three times more likely to be searching for another job, and they’re 40% less likely to report going above and beyond at work.

This is no small problem.

So, what role can staffing leaders play? I believe we have a unique opportunity — and responsibility — to support our clients and our own employees in mitigating burnout. Here are some ideas:

Combating Burnout Within Staffing Organizations

Let’s start with our own companies. Be sure you and other team leaders regularly conduct check-ins with employees to discuss their workloads, biggest stressors and overall well-being. Create a space for open communication and actively listen to concerns. Also, watch for burnout warning signs, such as noticeable changes in an employee’s attitude or dips in productivity or lower-quality work. Then, quickly implement strategies to nip it in the bud. For example, consider redistributing workloads to ensure better balance among team members. And promote the importance of recharging by encouraging employees to take time off.

It’s also crucial that people running staffing organizations model the behaviors we wish to see in employees. By prioritizing our own well-being and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we can demonstrate that it’s not only acceptable but essential for everyone across the organization. This can involve setting clear boundaries, learning to unplug and engaging in honest conversations about stress management. When leaders walk the talk, it sends a powerful message to employees that their health and happiness are valued.

One additional tip: Invest in training and development programs that equip your staff with skills and strategies to effectively manage stress and prioritize tasks.

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Supporting Clients Dealing With Employee Burnout

As talent solutions providers, we’re well equipped to provide much-needed relief to other organizations with teams that are stretched thin, overloaded and on the brink of burnout. By partnering with clients to truly understand their unique challenges, we can offer tailored solutions that alleviate the burden on core employees.

When communicating the benefits of utilizing staffing services to prospective clients, consider emphasizing these points:

  • Staffing firms typically have deep networks of pre-vetted, highly skilled professionals who can be deployed rapidly. By promptly providing skilled talent, staffing firms can help clients prevent employee burnout and maintain productivity during peak periods or unexpected absences.
  • When outside resources are leveraged, existing employees get breathing room to focus on their main responsibilities. This helps permanent staff maintain work-life balance, leading to greater morale, job satisfaction and retention.
  • Outsourcing projects helps organizations meet tight or unexpected deadlines without overburdening internal teams while gaining the fresh perspectives of specialized talent who can deliver innovative approaches and high-quality results.
  • Staffing solutions offer tremendous flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to adapt quickly to fluctuating demands without compromising employee well-being. By tapping a staffing firm during busy periods and scaling back when workloads normalize, companies can maintain a balanced work environment.

A Final Word on Extinguishing the Flames of Employee Burnout

By proactively addressing burnout and sharing these strategies with clients, we can drive meaningful change and create healthier, more resilient workplaces for all. The battle against burnout is an ongoing process requiring consistent effort. By staying vigilant, adapting our approaches as needed and leading with empathy, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our employees and the success of our clients.

Anthony Donnarumma

Anthony Donnarumma
Anthony Donnarumma is the CEO of 24 Seven.

Anthony Donnarumma

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