5 Fearless Marketing Ideas to Win in 2023

If you’ve paid any attention to recent news (or perhaps your bottom line), we are either in a recession or on the way there. That’s great news. No, I’m not crazy. If you were around for the Great Recession of 2008, you’ll remember that an unexpected consequence was that economic conditions eliminated a lot of competition.

That’s because when the economy slows, the tendency is to panic. Businesses cut back anywhere they can. Staffing companies stop engaging with their clients. Marketing goes on the chopping block. This bunker mentality creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But you are not required to participate. Every staffing company that “goes dark” during an economic downturn leaves a gap in the market for you to capitalize on. Here are five fearless marketing ideas to help you win in 2023.

Be present. Staffing companies that remain visible remain in business. They suffer less from business downturns, and they recover better and faster. Don’t pull back on marketing now; make it work for you.

Build visibility to keep your company name in front of people online and in person. If you disappear, people think you are out of business. When you remain active and in touch, employers will reach out when they are ready.

Don’t underestimate the power of nurture marketing. Even if potential clients don’t open your emails, they see your name in your inbox. Automation makes it easier — and more cost effective.

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Be smart. Focus marketing on what your clients care about. What value can you bring to the table? Show specific examples of how you can help them save money, increase productivity and reduce risks. When money is tight and the economy uncertain, hiring well becomes more important than ever. Show how you can help companies hire right the first time and avoid wasting time on irrelevant resumes.

Be famous. The term “thought leader” is a bit overused, but what’s wrong with being known as an expert in your field? Look for public speaking opportunities. Share your insights on LinkedIn or in industry publications. Offer to write a guest post or hop on a podcast — everyone needs relevant content.

Think about all those staffing professionals who are out there cold-calling people, hoping they will pick up the phone. Meanwhile, your phone is ringing off the hook with people who attended your talk, read your article or watched your helpful video and need your expert advice.

Be focused. Your website should serve as a sales funnel, not a brochure. It’s not there simply to inform; it exists to inspire action. Dig into your analytics (or delegate an employee who loves data). On which pages are people entering your site? Where do they go from there? Are they taking action? How can you encourage them to convert? Remember that you can change your website to improve performance and help you achieve your goals.

Be fearless. Try new things. There are tons of innovations out there. Learn about them. Purge the phrase “we’ve always done it this way” from your vocabulary. Get in front of people where they are with PPC advertising. Control the cost of job ads with programmatic marketing. Be active on social media (in a way that’s consistent with your brand). Try adding video to your emails (c’mon, we’ve had three years to get comfortable with video). If your competitors are bombarding prospects with emails, try mailing a series of attention-grabbing postcards that will land on their desk. Get creative! You have nothing to lose.

For more marketing ideas to make 2023 a successful year for your staffing firm, download Top 18 Marketing Strategies and Tactics for 2023, a free eBook from Haley Marketing.

Cathy Lanski

Cathy Lanski
Cathy Lanski is a senior copywriter with Haley Marketing. She can be reached at clanski (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Cathy Lanski

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