How Can MSPs Leverage Tech for a Competitive Edge?

Clients: the one thing all MSPs are battling it out for. In the fiercely competitive industry field, MSPs are constantly seeking bigger contracts with larger-scale clients — and lots of them.

Whilst profitability is an enticing prize, it’s vital to remember that bigger opportunities mean more responsibility. This means higher-volume workforces, more suppliers and higher stakes for compliance. Needless to say, before celebrating big contract wins, MSPs must ensure their workflow is equipped.

In the current industry climate, this must be supported by updated tech. With ever-evolving recruitment technology, your competitors will be taking full advantage of the latest innovations. That makes updated tech a must to stay competitive and hone a leading managed service.

Current Problems Within MSP Workflows

Many MSPs are reluctant to take time out to review their tech stacks. The common misconception is that reconstructing workflows is expensive and disruptive to core business. With rising skill shortages and cutthroat competition, it’s easy to see how tech can be deprioritized under the mounting pile of work.

However, many are missing the point: Tech is a tool to be leveraged in dealing with these exact challenges.

Common workflow combinations like conventional HR platforms, Excel and telephone/email communications compromise transparency. The human error and fragmentation they inevitably cause risk compliance, timelines and efficiency — not to mention your client relationships.

Whilst some businesses continue to operate within this framework, competition is increasing, and industry needs are evolving.

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Post Covid-19 Challenges

Within the world of work, Covid-19 has left us with three notable challenges: remote/hybrid work, skill shortages and an increase in temp workers. Legacy methods are simply unequipped to meet these new challenges, as around-the-clock and unlimited data access is now essential.

Remote/hybrid work. Many MSPs will have their internal admin teams working from home at least for a portion of the work week. If not properly managed, this can limit visibility and efficiency of communications.

Skill shortages. According to ONS, “for the first time since records began, there are fewer unemployed people than job vacancies.” Candidates with the most in-demand skills are in especially short supply, and MSPs are up against tough competition to engage them.

An increase in temporary workers. Although essential skills are in demand, Covid-19 has seen a steady increase in temporary workers. According to ONS, 63,000 joined the temporary workforce between March and May 2022 (a 4% increase). This means MSPs must collaborate with even more suppliers to sift through the increased workforce to source required skills for clients.

Now more than ever, MSPs cannot afford to lose time to inefficient manual processes.

Updated Tech Options Are a Must

An increasingly common solution to workflow limitations is cloud migration. Many MSPs are adopting cloud-based software which enables real-time communication, compliance transparency and on-demand data access.

Contrary to concerns about expensive and disruptive installations, cloud-based solutions often offer pay-as-you-go models and are implemented almost instantly without needing hardware and software installations. However, options must be carefully considered against business needs to secure ROI.

When done so strategically, switching on-site setups for online services enables quicker response times as device and proximity limitations are removed (especially vital for partly or fully remote MSPs). With increased admin efficiency, MSPs can reallocate time to essential core business — namely, scouring the labor market for vital skills.

With their promising potential, cloud-based solutions are gradually replacing the “legacy” setup. And with many offering automation, API and even AI capabilities, MSPs cannot afford to neglect their workflows any longer.

Compete with Tech

Updating workflows is a critical opportunity to add value and free up capacity for your managed service. More than ever, clients need an efficient and high-quality supply of temporary workers; by supporting your strategy with tech, you can beat your competitors and deliver exactly that. Ultimately, with a carefully selected tech option, you can streamline operations and put your clients first.

Safiyah Ouaguena

Safiyah Ouaguena
Safiyah Ouaguena is a product marketing executive at Engage.

Safiyah Ouaguena

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