Do You Need a Learning and Development Resource?

a manager in a white office smiling at her staffOrganizations are always exploring ways to improve employee performance to reach their business goals. Staffing firms are no different. You may have a checklist of criteria to measure your employees’ performance and gaps, but could an experienced learning and development resource help you do more than that?

Professional learning and development consultants analyze, research and assess the learning environment in your organization to identify areas for improvement. They create multiple programs in partnership with human resources and organizational leaders. Learning strategies and plans are developed using research results to support the development of employees’ skills. So how do you know if you can benefit from engaging an external L&D resource?

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Here is a list of signs you need L&D guidance to propel your staffing teams forward.

  1. Your sales team has trouble properly qualifying leads.
  2. There has been a steady increase in unfavorable contracts signed.
  3. You are in high-growth mode and need resources to train your new hires for quick ramp.
  4. L&D has become a priority at every level of your organization, but you are not ready to commit to building an internal L&D team.
  5. You need to support your employees as they reinvent themselves through reskilling and upskilling.
  6. You’ve promoted people into management roles, but they need management training in order to be successful – achieve retention and productivity goals.
  7. You’ve shifted your hiring profile to include candidates with no staffing experience in order to ensure you have the sales/recruiting teams in place to support growth as the economy strengthens.
  8. You recently read several industry articles, and they say most staffing companies have an imperative need to develop leaders and to strengthen both sales and recruiting skills.
  9. You’ve hired talented people, but they aren’t producing at the level you expected.
  10. The lack of career development within your organization has led to increased churn and decreased loyalty.

Recruitment and retention are center stage for the staffing industry as they work through an unprecedented labor shift. As a staffing professional, you may be grappling with these issues currently. These challenges might be a red flag identifying the need for an L&D advisor to train and grow your workforce.

Could an external Learning and Development assessment provide a new perspective or augment your current training curriculum to achieve better results?

Kim Henderson

Kim Henderson
Kim Henderson is managing director of Cobalt Compass Solutions, which provides consulting and training services for the staffing and professional services industry. She can be reached at kh (at) cobaltcompasssolutions (dot) com.

Kim Henderson

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