Take A Fresh Look at Your Inner Circle

At the beginning of each year, I reflect on how best to set myself up for success over the coming months to achieve my personal and professional goals. Some things I think about are:

  • Is my physical work environment supporting me? What can I do to make it more compatible with productivity?
  • What daily habits do I want to reinforce? Are there some I need to change or release?
  • What helps to motivate me and am I allotting time for inspirational activities and interests?
  • And finally, and perhaps most important, who is included in my inner circle? Who are the people closest to me, trusted by me, to help me achieve my goals?

When we think about leaders we tend to think about individuals and their personal leadership competencies/attributes and not so much about with whom they surround themselves. Yet this inner circle is extremely important. Many leaders have failed because they did not have a worthy team of supporters and likewise many leaders have succeeded in no small part due to their team’s efforts, skills, and spirit.

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If 2020 taught us anything, it is how reliant we are on each other and this applies to leaders as well. We are only as good as our team members, and now more than ever, we need close confidants, partners, trusted advisors, coaches, colleagues etc. to help us succeed.

As you start 2021, I encourage you to think about who is in your circle? Who are the key people in your life who show up for you, encourage, challenge, support and sustain you to achieve your goals? Is there someone holding you back or not working in your best interest? Is there someone you need to add to your team to achieve your 2021 objectives? Remember, your team is a reflection of you and you need to rely on them – take some time to examine your inner circle and set yourself up for greater success.


Sandra Hokansson

Sandra Hokansson
Sandi Hokansson is a certified executive-level coach and principal of SoundLeadership. Reach her at sandi (at) soundleadership (dot) ca.

Sandra Hokansson

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