How to Embrace Digital Transformation for Your Staffing Business Successfully

Brace yourself. A massive wave of digital transformation is approaching us and would potentially be washing away staffing businesses that are still utilizing conventional methods and processes. Sounds, dramatic? Well, that’s how the year has been.

While many staffing agency owners have already realized the potential of digital solutions and have begun the transition to complete digitalization, some are still facing challenges and contemplating the idea of embracing complete digital transformation.

According to research from Artificial Solutions, 55% of staffing firms ranked digital transformation as their top operational challenge for 2020. Meaning, though digital transformation has been reshaping the staffing industry, a few staffing businesses need to overcome the barriers and do away wait for the traditional approaches to thrive in the increasingly competitive future. Here’s how:

Set goals and align them to digital transformation. Whether your staffing business goal for 2021 and beyond is to enhance the employee onboarding process or automate the time sheet management, brainstorm the behavioral and operational changes you need to make for better employee productivity and business profitability.

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Assess your staffing business’s digital capacity. There are staffing businesses that are entirely naive about digitalization , and others have not fully adopted the transformation. Whichever stage you are in, evaluate your business’s digital requirements and your present organizational capacity to embrace those transformations.

Ask yourself whether you have technologically savvy staff that can gradually do away with the traditional system and deploy the technological solutions? Or whether you have enough business funds to invest in the digital and automation tools while also surviving the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis?

Design the roadmap to transformation. Brainstorm the ideas on how to initiate the transformation and how best you will be providing the right training to your staffing managers to incorporate it in their daily operations. Also, map out the business results you intend to achieve through this change.

Implement the initiatives. Invest in training staffing managers, ensure they are fully equipped to carry out the processes digitally and are comfortably assisting workers as well as clients in the new system. Also, aware the clients and the workers about the changing dynamics so that they are well mindful of the kind of digital experience to expect.

Stay updated. Adopting technology is pivotal, but sustaining the change and ensuring that your business is timely incorporating innovative solutions is what will allow you to leverage the potential of digital solutions fully.

Keep yourself abreast of the latest technological trends and automation to provide your business with a competitive edge and empower it to grow.

Replacing human labor with digital systems and machine learning can seem challenging when your business workflows have been manual majorly, and employees are accustomed to conventional staffing methods. But, they say, better late than never!

Staffing businesses globally are advancing towards embracing the digital transformation entirely; what are you waiting for?


Chirag Mehta

Chirag Mehta
Chirag Mehta is founder and CEO of NextCrew, an on-demand workforce management software. He can be reached at chirag (at) nextcrew (dot) com.

Chirag Mehta

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