No-Cost Healthcare for Temporary Employees to Be the Future of Staffing

A new alternative approach to healthcare is supporting temporary workers and giving business owner margins a boost

Staffing firms are playing pivotal roles in addressing the current employment landscape which has been undeniably impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. New positions such as contract tracers and social distancing coaches have emerged. Traditional and specialized positions also continue to remain in high-demand. Staffing agencies have been the backbone of sourcing the appropriate workers for these roles based on a worker’s skillsets and talents; however, all too often, these temporary workers don’t have access to health insurance.

Healthcare for Temp Workers

The pandemic has caused countless disruptions to the world as we knew it, and it has shed a new spotlight on healthcare offerings. Staffing agencies have stepped up to fill new roles with temporary workers but now they must take a hard look at their healthcare policies and programs to protect those workers – many of whom are on the front lines putting their health at risk.

Staffing firms typically follow common practices to establish standard healthcare policies which, unfortunately, leaves many gaps. Offering major medical insurance for internal staff such as recruiters is great, but what about the temp workers? With most current policies, if temps are even offered major medical, the plan is usually very limited and has such a high deductible that the cost either cannot be justified or it isn’t possible to make ends meet. Furthermore, many temps who are on assignments of three months or less never become eligible for coverage because there are usually 60- to 90-day waiting periods before they can be enrolled.

This adds to a larger problem. There is a huge gap of the number of temp employees who are able to receive access to healthcare, and in turn, medical assistance due to pricing and policies. On top of that, what are low-wage and part-time employees to do it they can’t access or afford healthcare? Workers shouldn’t be put in a position where they need to choose between putting food on the table and having access to healthcare. Staffing agencies should consider alternative programs that will provide greater access to care for all their temporary employees — including low-wage and part-time employees.

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The Future of Healthcare

Could you imagine putting someone in a position where they need to choose between feeding their family or having healthcare? This is why there needs to be a fundamental change to US healthcare that enables staffing agencies to feel confident the employees they place in temp positions, whether low wage or part-time, have access to healthcare. All workers deserve access to healthcare. This should not be a question and the health and well-being of all employees shouldn’t be a burden to any company — especially for staffing agencies who are placing many workers in new and high-in-demand roles as a result of Covid-19.

Temp workers need and deserve a no-cost healthcare plan that is offered to them on their first day of work. When thinking about the future of healthcare, staffing agencies need to consider a new healthcare plan. One that has the ability to empower employers to provide low-wage and part-time employees with ERISA and ACA-compliant healthcare at no cost — and create a sense of relief for worried employees.

While the pandemic continues to morph the employment landscape, one thing is for certain — the health and wellness of employees should be a priority and all employees should have access to healthcare. Staffing agencies are already playing a pivotal role in rebuilding the economy by placing workers in necessary jobs and there’s an opportunity for staffing agencies to lead the change for in a new approach for healthcare.

Dr. John Zabasky
Dr. John Zabasky is co-founder and CEO of WorXsiteHR, which created HealthWorX, a health insurance plan that uses an innovative approach and technology platform committed to providing no-cost healthcare for all employees.

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