How To Build An Engaging Recruitment Website

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What makes a website engaging? This is the question every responsible business owner asks themselves when setting up a recruitment website. After all, having a recruitment website won’t do you much good if the people visiting it get bored within the first minute or two. And they definitely won’t go through the trouble of recruitment if they feel that your website is poorly managed. So, how do you build an engaging recruitment website and present your company as reliable?

The whole point of having a recruitment website is to use it as a tool to find job candidates. This means that you shouldn’t build an engaging website for the vast majority of people. Instead, you need to focus on what will make it appealing to the type of people you want to hire. Only by focusing on a specific demographic will you be able to draw them in and make a pool of qualified applicants for hire.

The more you know who you want to hire, the easier it will be to build an engaging recruitment website.

Necessary steps. Even though building a website seems pretty straightforward, building an engaging one is often far from so. In order to make your website truly stand out, you will need to go through a couple of phases of design and redesign. Even after you are done designing it, you will still need to optimize it since having a fast website is a must. So, expect that bit of hassle while trying to build an engaging recruitment website.

Pick your content. The first thing to do is to carefully pick the content you want to present. Remember, you can’t say it all. No matter how successful your company is or how respected you are, you simply cannot go over everything. So, limit yourself to key information that the potential future employee should be aware of.

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Choose images carefully. Alongside that, you need to choose images carefully. The images you put on your website shouldn’t simply be placeholders that bring a bit of freshness to an otherwise boring site. Instead, they should give information that you didn’t explain with the rest of your content. So, only put images that truly have a place on your website.

Make sure that your images are well integrated with the content.

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Proper presentation. Once you choose your content and your images, you need to present them properly. Ideally, when you build a recruitment website, you should tell a story. Your whole website should have a certain feel to it that draws people into further reading. This can be hard to do. But, it is a tried and true way of making a website engaging.

Beta testing. Finally, you need to beta test your website. Once you are done building it, have someone who has had nothing to do with it try it out. After two minutes of reading, ask them what they retained. If they cannot tell you what your website is about, you need to redo it.

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Felicia Benavidez
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