Why Healthcare Staffing Agencies Are Here to Stay

America’s medical spending is on an inevitable rise. This statement is not very much of a surprise, partially due to the overall health deterioration of the country’s population.

According to The Atlantic, the manufacturing industry had 7 million more workers than the healthcare industry at the beginning of the millennium. Today, healthcare surpassed two of the most prominent industries — manual production and retail. So how exactly did this happen, and what can staffing suppliers take away from this?

Healthcare Staffing Agencies Will Continue to Grow

One of the main reasons for such a bold claim is the fact that America’s population is ageing at a very rapid note. Namely, in 5 years, over 25% of the workforce will be over 55 years of age. This implies a greater demand for healthcare workers, and thus, healthcare staffing agencies.

Help from the State

Healthcare is subsidized, which makes it somewhat easier to pay for healthcare plans, and accordingly, employ more healthcare workers. As of the beginning of 2020, many states (for example, Utah) changed their Medicaid policies by allowing low and modest-income families and individuals to join the program.

Since the number of program users is expected to rise drastically, we are looking at much higher employability of healthcare workers and a more dynamic flow within the staffing organizations.

Healthcare Industry Resists Automation and Globalization

Even though automation and globalization steal millions of jobs in retail and manufacturing, that is not the case with healthcare. The rise of machines and the global trade of services and goods made retail and manufacturing independent of too much human workforce. In fact, thousands of people lose jobs each year due to these two factors. Healthcare, however, appears rather immune to this.

The help of these machines brought nothing short of a revolution to the healthcare industry. There has been a reported decrease in losses of appointments, increases in expenditures, and the overall security of the patients’ info is stronger than ever.

Also, with most of these machines still needing human coordination, there are no significant job cuts. If anything, healthcare recruitment agencies can expect to start recruiting professionals from other fields — such as IT and robotics — for healthcare jobs.

Healthcare is also one of the industries that are not hurt by globalization. Health tourism is very much a thing, and people are often traveling to faraway destinations to obtain high-end healthcare and medication.

That said, the American recruiting agencies increasingly get reached out for professionals in the healthcare field by employers in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. This unlocks a set of entirely new business opportunities and proves just how relevant healthcare jobs are.

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Related Jobs within Healthcare Industry

Speaking of other professions crossing paths with medicine – jobs that are related to clinical roles are only the tip of the iceberg. Namely, the machinery that is our healthcare system consists mostly of administrative and management gears.

People with a degree in finances, law, humanities and social sciences, and many other fields are often offered positions in healthcare, as the industry is growing at an incredible pace.

Administration runs with the help of legislation and economy professionals, so there will always be a spot for various types of professionals in this industry. If you are a talent manager and recruiter in the field of healthcare, keep an eye on these individuals, as it is still rather simple to find them a position.

The Bottom Line

All in all, healthcare takes incredibly big steps every day. Still, to continue to do so, it requires a constant influx of experts in various fields closely related to it. While the required workforce can be hard to find, healthcare staffing agencies continue to cater to both employers and employees, making it much easier to keep the gear running.

With the ageing of the population, it will only get stronger, and it will most certainly be exciting to see the progress of the nation’s healthcare. We are just in time for the ride.


Josh Wardini

Josh Wardini
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Josh Wardini

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