Why Using Sourcing Technologies Strengthens Your Recruiting Department

Recruiting talent is an essential part of every business. Whether you’re the hiring manager awaiting new people to fill open roles or the CEO who needs the right talent to hit business goals this quarter, you want to have a robust recruiting department that supports your hiring needs.

Savvy HR leaders understand that without the right tools, it can be difficult for recruiters to source, recruit and hire the talent an organization requires. In the past, recruiters relied on manual records or disparate online systems for sourcing and tracking talent, often making the process take weeks.

“Use of artificial intelligence has helped us reduce at least a week’s worth of time on the front end of the cycle,” a director of talent acquisition told the Society for Human Resource Management. “Instead of taking a week or more to get candidates in front of a hiring manager, it’s now often days.”

Today’s technology provides an efficient solution to recruit talent by using AI-driven sourcing. A robust talent acquisition system (TAS) that’s powered by AI can scour the internet for potential candidates as well as search records within the talent database for existing talent who meet current needs.

Scour the internet for potential candidates. If recruiters rely on active candidates who have applied for open positions, they risk losing out on top talent who may not be actively looking for a new role. To get top talent, recruiters can use AI to scour the internet for potential passive candidates.

Once they have a job description or job advertisement, AI-driven sourcing tools can search the internet to find a suitable match. AI-driven sourcing takes a company’s outbound recruitment strategy to another level by using the language within that job posting to scour the internet for dozens of qualified potential candidates.

This ability to source many qualified applicants at the same time is particularly helpful if there is a hiring spike that requires several hires for the same title, or if there is a need to recruit for a high demand or high skill set role. The AI-driven sourcing will produce many candidates with the needed skills. Then, based on screening and interviews, the most qualified candidates to fill the open positions can be selected.

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Rediscover existing talent within your existing candidate pool. Candidate rediscovery using AI can uncover talent that already exists within the talent pool inside an TAS. These people could be candidates that never made it to the interview process or even current employees who have untapped skill sets that might meet the new needs of the organization.

Using AI-driven sourcing to rediscover talent is a smart and efficient recruiting approach. Instead of recruiters reviewing individual records, AI can search what can be a gigantic database of candidates who’ve previously applied at the organization. Based on the job requirements and keywords, the system creates a list of candidates who may be a good fit.

Imagine there were 200 applicants for an open position six months ago. After screening, it was determined at least 40 of those candidates are a potential fit for the role. Of course, only one person gets hired. Thanks to AI-driven sourcing, the other 39 excellent candidates are not lost. They remain in the applicant database, and, when a job with similar requirements opens, can be rediscovered.

Using AI-driven recruiting helps CEOs and CHROs feel confident they have access to talent pipelines with candidates who can fill current — and future — roles. By using technology to help source candidates, recruiters and hiring managers have more time to engage and connect with top candidates to ensure that not only do they meet requirements, but that they’re the right talent to add to the organization.

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Simon Oldham

Simon Oldham
Simon Oldham is the president at QJumpers, a recruitment platform.

Simon Oldham

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