8 Recruitment Software Tools That Speed Up Your Day

Finding the optimal candidate for a job is a daunting task, taking away from each recruitment agent both time and mental effort. However, even with the best effort, running through the pile of resumes in the search for the most skilled applicant leaves room for human error due to fatigue if nothing else. Luckily, the advancement of digital technology allows the production of software solutions that facilitate and speed up the recruitment process. Here are the top eight software tools you can use as a recruitment agent.

Sourcing software. A large candidate database allows you a more comfortable choice of candidates. Sourcing software scans the online environment for relevant resumes and imports those most suitable for your goals. This saves a ton of time you would otherwise spend looking for proper CVs yourself.

Automated resume screening. According to research, some 25% of resumes don’t even go through the initial screening process if it’s performed manually. What if that 25% hides just the right candidate for the job? AI-powered automated resume screening tools review every applicant and leave only the best pics. Same as a college student would compare an Edubirdie review to another assignment-writing agency summary, the software compares provided data with that of  already existing successful employees.

Auto-Scheduling software. To schedule an interview you have to consider a series of variables. Surely, it’s expected that each applicant will create an opening for the interview, however, what if you’re looking for a talent that’s interesting for multiple parties? Auto-scheduling software allows you to create a perfect timeline by analyzing candidate availability in real-time.

Contact automation tools. Establishing communication, be it to schedule an interview or gather additional info, can take an entire day, depending on the volume of work and the method of communication. Numerous products allow you to automatically call, text, or email numerous contacts. Rushessay.com and other writing agencies could help you with creating the optimal business email or text, in case you don’t have the time to produce one yourself.

Artificial Intelligence interviewing software. Depending on the number of job applicants, interviews can take a lot of your time which you sometimes don’t have at your disposal. The use of AI software that analyzes video response to already prepared questions allows you to find candidates by analyzing not only the answers but facial expressions, or gestures. This way you’ll not only save time but also establish a comprehensive interview process.

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Automated assessment tools. Pre-hiring assessment is an integral part of the hunt for the ideal employee. You can save countless hours you would waste on manual testing and checking the results if you choose to let a software tool assess the candidates. The software can provide a report listing the professional skill-set of each candidate as well as personality traits important for the job.

Background checking software. Contacting past employers and the overall background checking process can be the decisive factor in talent acquisition. The less time you spend on this task, the faster you’ll be able to offer the job to the right applicant. These software solutions automate background checks, examining even the online digital footprint of each candidate.

All-in one-solution. We’ve seen individual types of software tools, each perfected for a certain aspect of the recruitment process. However, there are pieces of software that provide automation of the entire recruitment timeline, from resume sourcing to onboarding. All you’d have to do is set up your preferences and focus on more pressing matters while the software screens, interviews, and tests the candidates.

Fast and quality recruitment performance can help you acquire proper talent before your competitors. More importantly, more automated work reduces the chance to make a bad hiring decision.

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Kurt Walker
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