How to Ensure Offer Acceptance

Recruiters deal with challenges throughout the hiring process — trying to find the right, qualified candidate is difficult. However, of all the stages, the one that is the most important is the job offer. When you find someone that you believe can excel in the position, you want to make sure that they will accept your job offer. Therefore, you need to make sure that they want to choose your career path over another. Here are some ways to make sure your job offer stands out from the rest and is accepted by the candidate.

Gather intel during the interview. You want to cater the job offer to the priorities, preferences, and needs of the successful candidate. That is why it is important to gather appropriate information during the interview. For example, if you’ve asked about their growth needs in terms of career trajectory, you’ll be able to mention a what how the role fits into those plans when making the offer. With this information gathered, you can create a career path for this candidate that suits their needs, along with the company’s.

The perks of the job. Let the candidate know about the array of perks that they will be granted if they end up working for you. It is important to mention all the different perks as you do not know which one will really excite them. Some people are travel-motivated, some are motivated by different learning opportunities, and some are motivated by different physical activity courses. Perks should also include company projects that the candidate would be tasked with. Showing the candidate what they can expect will help get them excited about the potential of working with your company.

Understand the right compensation. And absolute crucial part of the job offer is the amount of money and compensation that the employer is offering. You need to be strategic with the amount you will offer since you want this person to accept your job offer. Researching industry standards is a great start. Analyzing what competitors are paying is a great way to contend with them. Another thing to consider is the candidate’s current salary and how the salary you offer differs. Gary Eubanks, an HR blogger for Writinity and Last Minute Writing reminds you: “Be honest with what tasks will be done, the level of specialization needed, along with the skills needed. If the candidate is worth it to you, a fair compensation will go a long for the candidate to accept your offer.”

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Be direct about the job offer process. Do not leave your candidate in limbo. When it comes to a person’s livelihood, it is stressful to be wondering where you stand after an interview. Reveal how the hiring process works, and what they can expect. At all times, they should know what the next step is with a rough timeline. Being transparent about response time goes a long way in establishing a respectful relationship with the candidate. Terry Timlek, a project manager at Draft Beyond and Research Papers UK says, “If you do not live up to your own expectations set for the hiring process, how can you be surprised if the candidate has taken a different job offer. Show them the respect that you wish to receive.”

Suitable timeline. Along those lines, make sure that you create an appropriate timeline for the hiring process. If it is too long or disorganized, the candidate may go with another company that is quicker. That means that if you want to offer the candidate a job, do not wait to do so. Every hour you wait decreases the chance of them accepting the job offer as other opportunities may arise. It is important to lock down the best channel for communication. Check with the candidate if they prefer email, or communication by phone. Once you establish the best way to communicate, you will be able to reach them as quickly as possible with the job offer.

Following these tips will greatly increase the likelihood that the candidate you want for your business will accept the job offer.

Ashley Halsey

Ashley Halsey
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Ashley Halsey

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