How a Single Coffee Machine Can Influence Your Entire Office

Working at an office without a coffee machine in the vicinity is like having a chicken coop without a water dispenser.

In some ways, desk job can be tougher than construction work because with the latter, you at least exert yourself physically and thus train your muscles to an extent. With an office job, the only exercise you can get is when you get fed up with malfunctioning technology, or a faulty printer and smash the whole lot to smithereens.

So, to battle the tedium of the day-to-day office existence and travail, employers resort to a number of tactics to pacify their employees and make them happier and more productive.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to accomplish this is to install a coffee machine somewhere in the office. Your employees will have easy access to coffee and refreshments and perhaps, more importantly, your company can start developing the coveted office coffee culture. Here’s the deal.

Coffee boosts the mood. It’s a well-known and documented fact that coffee is a potent stimulant.

To be more precise, it’s caffeine in coffee that makes people feel alert, ready to go, and awake when they should otherwise be asleep. This happens because this substance stimulates our ‘feel good’ receptors in the brain, which lifts our mood.

The flip-side to this, of course, is that coffee can also be addicting if consumed in large enough quantities on a regular basis. But if you keep your dosage within the recommended daily limits (which is about 400 mg) you should be good.

So, the deal is similar to virtually any potentially addictive substance, when consumed in controlled quantities it’s alright – it’s too much of it that can cause problems.

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A coffee machine saves time. The biggest problem with NOT having a coffee machine in your office is that the workers will be forced to actively seek out coffee elsewhere. This means they will have to go out of the office to the nearest coffee shop, which can turn a 10-minute break into a 25-minute one quite easily.

Now, if there’s a coffee machine already installed in the office, all a drowsy employee needs to do to get their dose of this glorious beverage is approach the machine, which is probably a couple of steps merely.

So, that 10-minute break is indeed only 10 minutes, and your employees will still be as happy as they were when they used to run half a block to get a cappuccino. Or perhaps even happier!

There are other ways the company can benefit as well.

Creates a healthy social atmosphere. As engaging and interesting work at hand happens to be, social connections between employees are actually best built during the breaks, and coffee breaks are no different.

Installing a coffee machine can be one of the best ways to make good use of this premise. As they start meandering towards the lovable contraption, they’ll start sparking up conversations with their co-workers left to right and center.

As a result, you’ll see your employees build strong connections between each other, which will not only make them happier, but also more productive.

Reduced Pain. Working long hours in an office job can be tough on both the body and the mind.

Coffee is a beverage known to reduce stress and decrease the amount of pain you feel. Thanks to this property, coffee is often used to battle delayed onset muscle soreness, experienced by gym rats and virtually anyone who exercises or is otherwise physically active.

Sitting at a desk can cause back problems, muscle atrophy, and general sluggishness, and if you have a great-tasting beverage that takes care of two-thirds of the first part of this sentence – you better take advantage of it.

Creative break. Trying to think of something smart to say, or do some work while you’re sluggish and have no energy can be a tough thing to accomplish.

With coffee, however, you can become a proper chatterbox full of creative ideas for this and that problem, AND the kitchen sink, as well. As we’ve already stated, coffee lifts your mood and helps you stay awake when you would have otherwise fallen asleep two times already.

The third part of this equation is the fact that during a coffee break, your employees will conglomerate together and produce solutions while chatting away with a cup of coffee in their hands. Idle chatter is sometimes the platform from whence some of the best solutions are born.

Choosing the right machine. The biggest reason people buy coffee machines is to be able to make the sort of coffee they like in the comfort of their own home, or office.

Whether it’s a cappuccino, coffee with milk, coffee with chocolate, you name it – a well-made coffee machine should be able to produce the sort of caffeine-rich beverage your employees desire. All they need to do is use their fingers to select correct commands and the wondrous contraption shall do its magic once again!

Some of the best coffee machine models enables the coffee lovers in your office to choose from different kinds of coffee, so definitely shoot for this sort of arrangement if you’re considering purchasing one.

Of course, there’s the thing about the costs. Generally speaking, buying something en masse is always going to be less expensive than small-scale purchases, so getting large quantities of different kinds of coffee for the machine will ultimately cut down the costs over time.

All things considered, buying a coffee machine can radically change the whole social landscape of your respective office. It will bring people together, make them chattier, more alert, and altogether happier! What’s not to love here?

Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson
Ian Pearson is a business consultant who strives to keep up to date with tech innovations and development.

Ian Pearson

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