The Role of AI in Recruiting in 2019 and Beyond

In 2019 we’re seeing even more use of artificial intelligence (AI) around the world, a trend that is predicted to continue to expand as companies look to improve decision-making, reinvent operational processes, and change the way of doing business. As part of this growth, AI is quickly becoming an essential element in successful recruiting strategies. To address talent shortages, it’s important to focus on how AI can be used to improve employee engagement, create positive candidate experiences, and match the right talent to open positions.

Improve engagement. What if your employees were so engaged, you didn’t have to recruit at all? That may seem like an elusive goal, but when an organization focuses on the people who are showing up every day, it reduces recruiting needs, because fewer employees are leaving.

Some of the ways AI can be used to engage current employees include:

  • Gathering real time insights into employee behavior and engagement
  • Analyzing data and using it to encourage a sense of belonging
  • Providing real-time assistance and support based on employee needs

Rather than setting up free lunches or a pool table in the break room, organizations must get strategic about how to engage employees. When used to its full capacity, AI is a tool that can help reduce turnover by monitoring employee engagement and providing the support employees need to stay engaged.

Create positive candidate experiences. With AI-powered recruitment and applicant tracking software, recruiters can set specific search parameters that provide access to candidates around the globe. They can then use AI to help assess candidates and streamline candidate communications.

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The ability to get noticed as part of a search creates much better opportunities for both active and passive candidates. With AI-powered recruiting, the data available makes it possible for more people to be considered and evaluated for open positions. AI provides a new level of data and the ability for recruiters to make connections in a way that supports a positive candidate experience.

Match the right talent to open positions. The power of AI in recruitment allows recruiters to identify the top applicants, based on how their profile matches the job post. Access to streamlined data makes it easy to search and match existing candidate data to new jobs. Based on the talent pool data collected, AI can also be used to predict when a past applicant or passive candidate might be ready to talk about working at your company. This automated data analysis improves the time to hire, as well as increases the chances of a good fit.

The future of work isn’t about losing jobs to AI. Instead it’s about using AI to fill the new positions your organization needs to succeed. To meet the demands for new talent, organizations need an automated recruitment process that functions seamlessly. AI is a crucial element in that process. A recruitment strategy that uses AI ensures you have access to the right candidates, allows you to hire the right employees, and assists you in retaining highly engaged talent.

Simon Oldham

Simon Oldham
Simon Oldham is the president at QJumpers, a recruitment platform.

Simon Oldham

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