What to Look for in an Offshore Recruitment Services Partner

Technology has afforded us so many advances, especially in the area of candidate sourcing, making staffing firms’ jobs easier in many ways. But it has also added a totally new level of pressure. Everywhere you look, there are new challenges waiting to sap your time and reduce your focus on your main jobs of increasing core business and revenue.

The expertise, knowledge and experience of the right offshore recruitment services partner can offer invaluable support and assist staffing firms to develop cost-effective, quicker, more consistent and less complex processes and strategies that not only attract but allow them to engage and secure the best talent.

Choosing which offshore recruitment services provider to work with can be a a tricky decision, because when the relationship doesn’t work it is just another major headache for the staffing firm to deal with.

So, how do you select the right offshore recruitment services partner for your business?

Well, the good news is that when the selection process is done right it shouldn’t be too much of a time-consuming process, although you do have to ensure you consider the following:

Don’t compromise. Compromise is definitely not something that should ever be part of your relationship with your offshore recruitment services partner. You want your partner to be more than willing to spend the time to get to know your business and industry’s uniqueness, goals, demands, and culture.

Service and delivery should be proactive and innovative and the latest state of the art recruitment technology and infrastructure, which they are happy to show you, should be at the cornerstone of everything.

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Transparency. Full transparency in everything they do is something you must demand. Quantifiable metrics reporting that not only measures their service and performance but also can drive improvements is needed to really open your relationship to total scrutiny and transparency.

Credentials and Experience. Offshore recruitment services companies, like all businesses, come and go. So, you want one that can weather any financial storm with you.

Measure its value and history of performance compared to its competitors, consider the length of time they have been operating, the number of offices and employees they have, and where their offices are located.

Is there experience only in one sector? Do their team members have recent experience in your industry and how long do employees stay with the company?

Any credible partner will be able to provide case studies to document their experience, capabilities, expertise, and levels of quality and service and also have a number of client references who are happy to talk to you.

Check to ensure any accreditations are up-to-date and be sure to review their records of compliance and all details of insurance coverage and data-handling processes.

Accessibility. How you are able to communicate with your outsourcing partner, especially if they are overseas, is key to consider. They need to be accessible 24/7/365 and have a dedicated team who all know your account so there are no breaks in service delivery.

It really does make total sense to let an offshore recruitment services partner make your life easier and the service you provide your clients better. However, it is vital to select the right outsourcing partner to help you always deliver the very best talent.


Amit Somaiya

Amit Somaiya
Amit Somaiya is CEO of IMS People.

Amit Somaiya

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