Hard Work Is a Universal Language

Modern businesses want real workers: dependable staff who offer efficiency, reliability, and great energy. Employees who arrive on time, and bring enthusiasm and good morale. Smart, trainable, and willing teammates.

Meet the refugee workforce.

Who are refugee workers, and why are they here?

As a team member at Amplio Recruiting, I’ve met a lot of brilliant and talented folks from incredible places. And I’ve learned one very important truth: refugees aren’t looking for a hhandout— they’re looking for a hand up.

They flee their home countries in search of basic human rights: safety, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. They endure grueling journeys and intensive, exhausting screenings for their authenticity. In fact, a letter to Congress from 2015 endorsed by 20 top national security experts stated that “[Refugees] are vetted more intensively than any other category of traveler. …”

Those refugees who are granted resettlement in the United States go through screenings, interviews, and a thorough vetting that takes an average of 18-24 months to complete. After abandoning their homes and careers at the threat of war, persecution, and natural disaster, they arrive eager to start fresh.

They’re ambitious, capable, and ready to work.

What can refugees offer to the modern workplace?

Hiring refugees is far more than a “good deed” or human rights gesture — extending quality opportunities to refugees helps the companies who hire them.

The refugee workforce is dependable. Motivated and eager, refugees seek to regain the dignity of work they had to leave behind in their home countries. Years of education, successful professional careers, and all kinds of talent — it’s all gone. And they’re ready to get it back. They take work seriously. They show up.

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The refugee workforce is committed. Starting over is hard, and this group of people truly appreciates opportunity. Refugees offer a staffing solution well beyond the “warm body” approach: they long to contribute and engage, and with that comes dedication. Studies have revealed that 73% of American companies who employ refugees report lower turnover rates and higher morale.

The refugee workforce boosts morale. The team at Amplio works closely with a great office solutions company in Raleigh, North Carolina: The Storr Office Environments team. They were struggling to find contractors to truly serve their needs — people just weren’t showing up. Now, after hiring nine refugees and counting, field team leader Cody says, “I’ve been having a ball working with them. They’re not only the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life—they’re so willing to help, and so willing to learn.”

I’m truly inspired by the talent and potential I see in the refugee workforce every day. To learn more about Amplio’s work with these fascinating, dedicated workers, check out our 2018 recap.

Katie Gibson

Katie Gibson
Katie Gibson is a marketing coordinator at Amplio Recruiting.

Katie Gibson

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