Dealing in a Post Fact World

In today’s easily hacked and vulnerable online world, it is far too easy to become a victim of others. Your company’s reputation and viability may be at stake in the so-called “post-truth” world, as we are all now too familiar with alternative facts, bots, fake news, trolling and just plain lies. So what is your company doing to get the truth out, to prevent being tarnished by competitors or other malefactors?

You can start by securing your internet presence against this with a sophisticated series of barriers from software to ransomware. Nothing is perfect, but having some good defenses is critical. You can check on your company’s reputation from GlassDoor to Yelp and respond as appropriate. You can alert your employees, clients and associates to notify you when they see something posted about you that may be untrue.

Have a point person to scour the internet and investigate anything, even rumors that might impugn your integrity or image. The cost of reversing bad press is many times the cost of not allowing that information to last one second more than possible before it is destroyed.

And you can post positive information about your company. This could include everything from a code of ethics and charitable gifts to community service and testimonials from your clients and employees. There is an old saying that a lie can make its way around the world before it is refuted. So getting the word out about the good work you do and striving for win-win contracts with others, can reverse this proverb by circulating the truth before a lie emerges that needs be refuted. To be sure, you have to have an honest story to work with and telling others about the good that you do must be real or you are inviting retribution to counter your false narrative.

Search engines and social platforms have either been willfully ignorant of how their services have been used or complicit in others’ use of their data and information. Constant vigilance is the price of maintaining a good reputation.

Michael Neidle

Michael Neidle
Michael Neidle is president and CEO of Optimal Management, an advisor to staffing firm owners and managers.

Michael Neidle

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