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As Mandy Wittschen perfectly put it in her recent Staffing Stream article, in a tight talent market, the candidate experience matters.

I challenge you to visit your company’s website and pretend this is the first time you’re seeing the homepage. What first impression are you left with? Is it positive or negative?

Now, navigate through the website to try to locate your available job opportunities. Were there any roadblocks that would have prevented an individual from completing the full application? 

With national unemployment hovering around 4%, we need to do everything possible to make the application process efficient for job seekers on both desktop computers and mobile devices. But for starters, you need to drive traffic to your available jobs. If they can’t find the postings, how can they apply?

Start by thinking through how your website funnels casual visitors into applicants. Think about the distinct purpose of every page and about how you could actively guide a visitor from one page to a conversion page (a page where they can take action).

And what’s the best tactic you can deploy to generate more page views on targeted positions?

Call-to-action banners.

By adding a call-to-action banner at the bottom of a staffing website from May through July, we were able to drastically increase traffic to a targeted job on a staffing firm’s website.

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More important, this resulted in over 170 applications!

The takeaway?

Look at Your Staffing Firm’s Website

Is there a clear path for every job seeker to take should they land on your homepage, blog, about us page or service pages?

If not, how can you improve that funnel so when they land on a page they are guided to the next page of your site where they can take action?

Deploy Call-to-Action Banners

Call-to-action banners provide you with the opportunity to guide a website visitor from one page to the next on your website.

If the overall goal of your website is to gather applications, then every page on your website that is tailored towards job seekers should display a banner or fly-in that gives people the opportunity to click over to available opportunities.

For insight into improving your application process itself, while not addressed in this post, I encourage you to read: Case Study: The Simple Change That Resulted in 8,000 Resumes.

Brad Bialy

Brad Bialy
Brad Bialy is a Social Media Marketing Advisor at Haley Marketing Group. For additional support with social media strategy he can be reached at

Brad Bialy

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