4 Tips for Recruiting Millennial Physicians

When thinking of millennials, it’s easy to picture a bunch of teenagers or “twenty-somethings” playing on their smartphones and posting on social media. However, millennials, often defined as people born between the early 80s and the late 90s, are all grown up now and are entering the professional workforce.

At first, you might worry you’ll have to change your approach to recruitment and hiring to attract millennial talent. However, research shows that despite their familiarity with and love of new technology, many upcoming millennial physicians do most of their job searching the old-fashioned way.

Participate in Networking Programs and Events

According to a recent survey, most new millennial physicians search for their first job using referrals (51%) and/or networking (48%). Further still, 40% of those surveyed cite referrals/networking as the source of their first permanent contract position. If you want to attract the best selection of job candidates, the data illuminate a clear path — start your networking efforts early.

There are many ways to build these connections. Set up a booth at a medical school’s job/networking showcase, participate in mentoring programs, or host a networking event of your own for local students. Whatever approach you choose, focus on creating personal connections between your staff/recruiters and the students if you want to be considered a top choice when these students start searching for their first jobs.

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Showcase Your Workplace Culture

When looking for a job, millennials want to know that both the position and the job culture will be a good fit for them. In fact, 60% of survey respondents listed finding the right job fit as a top stressor when searching for a job.

This doesn’t mean you need to add bean bag chairs and free soda to the break rooms. Instead, focus on showcasing what it would be like to work at the facility. Consider doing a team interview with both the job candidate’s potential supervisor and colleague. Provide a tour of the facility. Give them an opportunity to really see how they’d fit into the role.

Offer the Right Benefits

Many millennials are looking for more than just a paycheck when job searching. Traditional benefits like insurance, 401ks, etc., while vital, are also not the top reason for taking and staying in a position. This generation often considers work/life balance and job location primary considerations.

Millennials often are attracted to job offers that include adequate time off and some schedule flexibility. In fact, 63% of early-career physicians consider good hours a top benefit of their job. Benefits like ample maternity/paternity leave are also highly desirable.

Don’t misunderstand — millennials still care about receiving fair salaries for their work. Inadequate compensation is still ranked as the top reason for male physicians who leave one job for another. For women, compensation is listed as a close second after poor work/life balance.

Highlight Opportunities for Growth and Impact

Millennials want to make a difference in their work. The medical field already has the benefit of a very tangible form of making a difference, saving lives. However, you aren’t competing with other industries, you’re competing within your own.

When advertising the position and during the interview process, make sure to emphasize how they can continue to grow if they take the job, whether that’s through progressive responsibilities, continuing education, promotions, etc. Also, make it clear how they will impact and help create meaningful change in their work environment.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook
Scott Cook is a freelance writer who has covered topics ranging from healthcare to business leadership. He can be reached at scotty33cook (at) gmail (dot) com.

Scott Cook

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