How to Attract the Right Candidates

In today’s market, many companies are struggling to find enough quality applicants. Is this issue caused solely by the employment market or is there something that these organizations can do about it? Employers can’t resign themselves to the fact that they won’t be able to get the perfect fit. They’ll just have to work harder and be more strategic in their hiring efforts. In this blog, we will take a look at a few different ways that companies can better position themselves to recruit top talent.

Develop job description. One of the most common mistakes that can be made during the recruiting process is writing a poor job description. Determining how much information to provide and the requirements associated with the position are two issues that all companies have to figure out. There is a fine line between providing enough details on the job duties so the applicant can get an idea of what the job entails and adding too many that will overwhelm, confuse or simply scare the candidates away. For the requirements there is a similar balancing act, to include enough to get qualified candidates but not too many to cause your labor pool to drain entirely.

The job description, especially when posting it online, should be a marketing tool instead of a technical one. It should be selling the job and opportunity to work at the company. By focusing on the most important job duties, requirements and benefits, you’ll be taking the first step in improving your hiring process and getting the candidates that fit best.

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Revamp application. In a survey conducted by Censuswide, 42% of job seekers cited a lengthy application process as the most frustrating part when searching for a job. While job seekers are willing to put in the time to get a job, many are unwilling to go through numerous pages of irrelevant questions when other, less thorough options are available. By redesigning your application process with the candidate in mind, you will be enhancing their experience and improving your chances of getting them on the team.

Showcase brand. In a job seeker’s market, an organization must stand out from the rest to get the attention of candidates. Companies that offer an above-average salary, great benefits and/or a work environment that has effective management and the opportunity for advancement will have a much easier time getting the candidates that they want. Remember, it can be hard to overcome a bad image, so make sure proactive steps are taken, such as asking candidates for feedback, to better control your brand.

Communicate constantly. Another way to improve your company image from the job seeker’s point of view is to be responsive. One of the biggest complaints from candidates is that they submit their application and either never hear anything back or they are put through an extensive hiring process that can take weeks to finish with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. The best workers won’t be available for long, streamlining your hiring process and maintaining constant communication with your applicants gives yourself a chance to get the best.

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Robert Hoeft

Robert Hoeft
Robert Hoeft is a marketing assistant at QPS Employment Group.

Robert Hoeft

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