Trouble on the Rise: Gen Z Is Changing the Face of Recruitment

One of the recent changes in the recruitment scene has been a shift in the labor force, characterized by the entry of the Generation Z, also referred to as iGeneration. The challenge presented by Millennials fades in comparison to the complexity presented by the unprecedented entry of iGeneration into the workforce. Here, Gen Z denotes the group of individuals born later than 1996, who are characterized by their experience with technology during their early years, and the tendency to use social networking sites as a regular means of communication.

Currently, more than 20% of the United States population comprise this generational group and the number is quickly surging. Most of the members of the iGeneration are just entering the workforce, leaving recruiters with the conundrum of how to attract and manage them. Here are some ways the Gen Z are posing challenges to recruitment and how employers can address those challenges.

Technology dictates how they search and apply for jobs

This post Millennials generation is tech-savvy in nature, and have grown up around tech, something that prepares them for the digital age better than the past generations. The implications here that organizations still entrenched in traditional forms of recruitment have to embrace technology in their recruitment process. In fact, research shows that companies that use technological applications like video interviews and video screening are more likely to attract talent from this generation.

You could also use gamified recruitment apps to show that your company values technology and innovation. By presenting your company as an organization that is innovative and digitally aware, this digitally native group will identify and want to work with you. You should also make technology and innovation part of your corporate culture.

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They are more engulfed in social media as a communication platform

As previously noted, the iGeneration are more exposed and engrossed in social networking sites. To attract them, companies must adjust their recruitment strategies, making sure that social networking sites play a larger role in job postings. Research shows that this generation consumes much of the information through their smartphones. As such, make sure that your job postings are optimized for mobile hiring platforms. In your job postings, focus on the things that attract this generation, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Training
  • Work healthcare

They prefer a workplace that sparks their entrepreneurial interest

Like Millennials, this generational cohort is highly interested in entrepreneurship and would like to start their own business. Around 72% of the iGeneration want to turn their hobbies into a career path. Take advantage of this drive by providing opportunities for progression along the careers and in the personal lives of the employees, encourage their personal and professional growth.

They appreciate the value and short-term benefits along with their career path

Unlike the Baby Boomer generation that prioritized long-term gains like retirement plans, this generational group is more focused on what is received in the short term-say five years or less. Things that are likely to be more attractive to them include a flexible work environment, programs for student loan repayment, and day-to-day bonuses.

To summarize, the Generation Z in entering the workforce with new dynamics, which are likely to change the way companies attract and manage talent. For organizations that want to stay ahead of their competition by attracting top talent in this generational group, keep these attributes in mind when making job postings or running a seasonal recruiting campaign, and when communicating with and training the new hires.

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