Why Podcasting Is the Next Big Trend

Forty-two million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. That’s 15% of the total US population! In comparison, only 3% go to the movies weekly.

And while podcasting is nothing new, it is to the staffing industry. In fact, that’s why we started the “Secrets of Staffing Success” podcast, because there really wasn’t another dedicated to the staffing industry. Which means there is a tremendous opportunity out there for staffing, recruiting, hiring and HR related podcasts. So what are you waiting for?

I know you’re probably thinking, “but I’m not a broadcaster.” Well that’s the beauty of podcasts, for a small investment, anyone can be a podcaster. Why should you start a podcast? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Positions you as a thought leader. This is a huge benefit of any type of content marketing, but especially for podcasts. Anyone can write a few words down and make it into an article (heck, I’m doing it right now). But to get on the microphone to share great takeaways regularly takes it to another level. People will start to see you as an expert in hiring, human capital management, strategic staffing, etc.

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Drive traffic to your business. With podcasting, you might be reaching an entirely different audience than other traditional marketing/advertising methods. And if you post episodes to your website, that will bring people to your site who might not otherwise find it. Regular podcast listeners are always asking others what they are listening to. So if you’re producing great content, word will get around.

No limits. With podcasts, there are no rules; your podcast is yours. Now I’m not talking about freedom to use profanity, but you can talk about whatever you want for as long as you want. If you want to do a weekly, 10-minute show providing workforce tips, great! If you want it to be an hourlong sit-down with some of the leaders in your industry, that works too!

Free promotion. Other than the time and a small initial equipment fee, podcasts really don’t cost anything. It’s free promotion for your business! Just make sure to include calls to action during your show to encourage people to visit your site or pick up the phone.

Connect with your audience. Podcasting gives you a unique ability to “speak directly” to your audience. The more you produce, the more familiar they become with you. Over time you will be seen as a trusted source for information. This connection can only help in future sales efforts.

Ease of use. When you post something on social media, the only people who will see it are people who are checking their feeds at that moment. With podcasting, they are always available. Listeners can choose when and where they listen to you. With social media you have to be looking at that platform. With podcasting, you can listen when you’re in the car, doing the dishes, making dinner or traveling.

While starting a podcast may seem like a daunting task, it really isn’t. All you really need is a computer and a USB microphone and you’re off and running. The benefits to podcasting are truly unique to the medium, and you won’t get them with other traditional marketing tactics. So why not get started today, you’ll be surprised at how quickly listeners will find you.

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Todd Lewandowski

Todd Lewandowski
Todd Lewandowski is a marketing advisor at Haley Marketing Group. He can be reached at tlewandowski (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Todd Lewandowski

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