How to Get the Best ROI From Email Marketing

It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out in a crowded email marketing world. While most of us are being bombarded with constant emails, the death of email marketing is greatly exaggerated. Think about it, what’s the first thing you did when you got up this morning? Probably checked your email. And let’s look at some additional facts…

  • 77% of users say email is still their preferred communication choice
  • 54% of users check their email while in bed
  • 50% of users check email while on vacation
  • 46% of users check email during meals

(Sources: Xobni, Mobile Mindset Study, Cisco Connected World Technology Report)

So, the question is, how can you make the most out of your email marketing efforts?

Mobile-friendly design

First things first; people need to be able to read your emails! Is your email easy to read on a mobile device? Does it have a one column display? Are the images and text large enough so people don’t have to zoom in? Are your call-to-action buttons and links large so recipients don’t have to use the tip of their pinkie to click?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to redesign your emails to make them mobile friendly.

Test, test and test again            

While it’s easy to say, “this email didn’t perform well,” it’s important to know why. Don’t be afraid to do some A/B testing. Send half of your list one subject line and the other half a different one to see which one performs better. Also test who the emails come from. Maybe they will perform better coming from your company name or maybe from an individual in your office.

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Just ask

You may have some assumptions about what type of content your list wants to consume. But what if you’re wrong? There’s an easy solution to that. Just ask them! A quick survey to your list can provide a wealth of information for your content planning purposes. You might think your list wants to read about staffing and recruiting, but you could be wrong. But I bet they want to know about how to keep up productivity during peak production times. But you won’t know until you ask.

Don’t neglect candidates

We all know the #1 issue in the staffing industry right now is finding good candidates. So why do so few staffing firms market to candidates? I don’t have the answer, but I do know it’s just as important as marketing to clients.

If you’re not marketing to your candidates, someone else will and you’ll be losing valuable talent.

A simple monthly newsletter to candidates with interviewing and career tips can go a long way to show candidates you care about their success.

Be patient

It’s the best advice I can give for your email marketing. In the retail world, email marketing can bring people in the doors in waves. In the staffing industry, it’s more about relationship building. The phone is not going to ring off the hook because you sent out an article on workforce management. What will happen is over months and even years, your recipients will come to recognize you as a thought leader and a trusted partner in their success. That, in turn, will make your other sales efforts much more fruitful.

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Todd Lewandowski

Todd Lewandowski
Todd Lewandowski is a marketing advisor at Haley Marketing Group. He can be reached at tlewandowski (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Todd Lewandowski

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