How Well Do You Know Travel Nursing?

As workforce and staffing experts, we understand the importance of contingent employees in helping organizations balance scheduling challenges and labor costs. We also know the benefits that temporary workers provide move beyond just relieving an immediate headcount dilemma, often helping organizations in strategic planning and growth. However, many myths about the quality and cost of contingent labor persist in the healthcare industry.

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New research disputing these beliefs for the travel nurse sector led AMN Healthcare to create an interactive quiz that helps separate fact from fiction for this growing and important segment of the healthcare workforce. From quality of education and patient care to costs and HCAHPS scores, our Nurse Staffing Quiz will help healthcare professionals learn more about travel nursing as a profession and also how to best use travel and per diem nurses to solve scheduling and budget challenges while maintaining focus on patient care.

We invite you to take our quiz and test your own knowledge of travel nursing. Once you complete the quiz, you will also gain access to all supporting research.


Marcia Faller

Marcia Faller
Marcia Faller, PhD, RN, is the chief clinical officer for AMN Healthcare. Throughout her tenure with AMN, Faller has championed the development of consistent quality standards for credentialing and competency evaluation of healthcare professionals.

Marcia Faller

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