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As I prepare for Staffing Industry Analysts’ CWS Summit North America conference, my first as an employee of SIA, I wondered how attendees may not reap the full benefits of the investment in their time and money. Having attended industry conferences in the past, I know first-hand how easy it is to be overwhelmed by busy schedules and get home only to feel you didn’t get what you really needed.

Talking with some of my colleagues and assessing the opportunities next month’s conference has to offer, I have put together some thoughts to help you enjoy and reap the benefits of your investment in CWS Dallas.

Scheduling your conference. The full agenda for the CWS Summit and the subsequent Collaboration in the Gig Economy conferences are available via Staffing Industry Analysts’ online community. Peruse the site before you go to identify panel discussion topics and other events of interest to you. If you are attending with a colleague, collaborate with one another on what to attend. There are many valuable topics that are happening concurrently, so divide and conquer as a team to provide the most value to your organization. The online community can be accessed via any web browser as well as apps for Apple or Android devices. So be sure to connect with it, and through it with exhibitors and other attendees, before you head to Dallas for the September 11-12 event.

Networking. Feedback received from numerous past CWS attendees is that the networking opportunities provide an incredible value to all involved. We encourage setting up meetings with attendees to establish a networking environment. Further, we have established an “Idea Room,” where attendees can collaborate and brainstorm existing challenges, innovative ideas and dreams. Previous CWS attendees have shared how they created long-lasting business relationships at our events. Our recommendation is to put yourself out there and meet new people including vendors.

Enjoy the Dallas area. The sights, sounds and taste of the Dallas area can be spectacular. During your leisure and potentially a sponsored event, take time to enjoy all the area has to offer. Dallas is known for great food from steaks to Tex-Mex and anything else you can imagine. The Galleria, just a 15-minute ride from the Omni, offers world-class shopping. Maybe you want to take home a pair of cowboy boots; Pinto Ranch is a famous stop for folks who want to wear Texas home.

My advice is simple, plan your journey in advance of arriving. Divide and conquer when you can. Leverage the Pathable technology to help you organize your conference. Network, network, network — you just can’t do enough. Enjoy the trip and all the wonderful things Dallas has to offer. You are making a sacrifice to be in Dallas, so make the most of it.

Frank Enriquez

Frank Enriquez
Frank Enriquez, CCWP, is senior manager of contingent workforce strategies and research, sales, with Staffing Industry Analysts. He can be reached at fenriquez (at) staffingindustry (dot) com

Frank Enriquez

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