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If you’re planning on upgrading your corporate goals using Objective and Key Results (OKRs), it may be helpful to have some examples of goals for each department to guide you. By aligning goals at the corporate and department level, you’ll be better able to cascade objectives to teams and individuals for accelerated results.

For some employees, creating OKRs is simple. A sales manager, for instance, may have a goal to grow sales in the organization’s Northern regions. But for other departments, it may be more challenging to identify Objectives that align with corporate priorities. To help guide you, we’ve created some OKR examples for nine different departments, as well as top company goals, below.

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Human Resources

Objective: Improve Retention

Key Result 1: Implement new pulse survey tool to support two-way feedback model

Key Result 2: Increase employee satisfaction score to eight or higher

Key Result 3: Perform benchmark assessment to analyze whether we’re paying at market level in Q2


Objective: Enhance Financial Reporting

Key Result 1: Train & hire new bookkeeper by end of Q1

Key Result 2: Close financials at least 2 weeks prior to end of Q1

Key Result 3: Implement newest cloud-based version of bookkeeping software


Objective: Improve Customer Acquisition

Key Result 1: Enhance new marketing automation process

Key Result 2: Develop tops-down & bottom-up report to analyze ROI

Key Result 3: Lower customer acquisition costs by 25% in Q4


Objective: Recruit Top-Performing Sales Staff

Key Result 1: Hire 15 new SDRs by end of March

Key Result 2: Achieve a 4:1 “Interview:Offer” score

Key Result 3: Hire three new sales managers by end of March


Objective: Build a Team of Engineering A-Players

Key Result 1: Offer a $500 referral reward to top performers

Key Result 2: Achieve a 4:1 “Interview:Offer” score

Key Result 3: Hire 3 engineers through referrals by end of Q4

Customer Support

Objective: Improve Customer Support Performance

Key Result 1: Recruit 5 new customer support reps by end of Q1

Key Result 2: Promote one customer support rep to manager

Key Result 3: Maintain weekly customer support pulse rating of eight or higher. 

Product Management

Objective: Create new product vision before Q1

Key Result 1: Collect feedback from 50 prospective customers

Key Result 2: Achieve average usability score of at least 8 on UX mockups

Key Result 3: Identify 3 elements in UX mockups to improve product’s usage engagement


Objective: Enhance IT

Key Result 1: Reduce downtime in Q3

Key Result 2: Improve internal IT response time

Key Result 3: Roll out new backup cloud system

Company-Level Goals

Objective: Roll Out New Product in Q2

Key Result 1: Create 15 customer case studies

Key Result 2: Win a “Best Product of the Year” award at a trade show

Key Result 3: Get into the Gartner Magic Quadrant

What else? Here you can find more on how Google sets goals using OKRs. Are there any other departmental goals you’d like to see from Atiim? Let us know!

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Zorian Rotenberg

Zorian Rotenberg
Zorian Rotenberg is CEO of Atiim Inc., a SaaS company that makes sales and marketing teams more productive. Previously he was VP of sales and marketing at InsightSquared.

Zorian Rotenberg

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