Candidate/End-User Experience, Part 4: Can Automation Drive Efficiency Gains Without Losing the Human Touch?

Thanks for joining us as we explore the topic, “Can there be too much automation in the recruitment process.” In this fourth and final post in the series, we ask the question, “Can automation drive efficiency gains without losing the human touch?”

The answer is yes, if we automate the processes with the candidate in mind.

We need to constantly question ourselves and challenge those that are building the systems. We have to ask the questions as if we were the applicants. What would I expect at this stage? How would I like to be treated? What communications am I expecting? What language, terminology, tone? How often? And which format should we use – should it be SMS, email, video, links, in person, phone?

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The systems and platforms exist to manage the manual, rudimentary tasks, but we can still be human throughout the digitally enabled process. It’s also up to the humans to work with the technologies that best meet our candidate goals. If we want the best candidate experience, then it is up to us to implement the right tools and configure them in the right way.

Is there a way to offer a fully automated, but still positive, candidate experience?

Yes, we are currently working on a process model that will balance the automated manual tasks with the elevated relationship building experience (towards the end of the process) both for the hiring managers and the candidates. The automation of some of the key communication components (areas focused on engagement, visibility to the process, information gathering) will enable a more human-centered model.

Through automation we are better able to identify the breaks in the system, areas for improvement, success moments and continuously improve the candidate and recruiter experience. We can measure impact, growth, etc., all benefiting the candidate experience by landing them a job.

In the business of human resource solutions, candidates represent the most important aspect of what we do because ultimately we’re doing our part to help people find jobs. To do so, we must put the candidate first. The fact that we’re using technology to amplify our processes doesn’t negate this detail; if used advantageously then it can and will improve the candidate experience.

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Mike Drolet

Mike Drolet
Mike Drolet is COO of Pontoon, the global HR outsourcing brand for Adecco Group.

Mike Drolet

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