The Best Tools for Smart but Busy Recruiters

Hiring ProcessWith 58% of employers increasing their spending on recruiting in 2017, these professionals have a lot to do. The competition is clearly heating up, so recruiters need to keep pace with the demands of a boom market.

Are you a recruiter looking for some tools to assist you with getting ahead of the competition? Here is the list of great tools that I have personally tried and loved.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn obviously is a great place for finding great candidates. There are 460 million of people using this network; plus, 75% of recruiters said they were successful with using LinkedIn Recruiter.

The main advantage of using this tool is a faster search of right candidates. Advanced recruiting filters, guided search, Spotlights and other great options are available to make the job a lot easier.

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If you are working with LinkedIn, this is almost a critical tool for finding the right people and learning their working history.

Highlights of LinkedIn include more advanced LinkedIn candidate search and access to the world’s largest talent pool.


There is a good reason why this company is among the fastest-growing companies in the Silicon Valley. Hired uses a unique approach to recruiting: companies have to bid to hire an employee. After the bids are placed, the company and the employee need to discuss the details of the position and proceed to salary and other important aspects.

Hired’s highlights include machine-learning algorithms, interview prep and unbiased coaching.


If you need a tool for a fast search for candidates with rich social data, make sure you try this one. Entelo is a powerful search engine built specifically for recruiters that provides them with access to more than 300 million candidates.

A holistic view of the candidates is delivered using social networks and other online sources where they have a profile. Also, there are some great algorithms that ensure the relevance of the results, including those candidates who are likely to move, change jobs, have military experience and other characteristics.

Highlights of Entelo include inbound recruiting, outbound recruiting and a mobile app.


This is an employee referral module that automatically finds the best candidates. Smart recruiters use this tool to avoid wasting time on filling forms and going through open positions by matching the existing connections.

The algorithms used by Simppler work well for all jobs in many industries, including sales, marketing, healthcare, technology, support and many others. A responsive interface ensures a pleasant experience across all devices. Highlights include a recommendation engine, connection match and referral leaderboard.

Recruit Loop

According to the developers of this tool, the motivation behind its development was “a complete frustration with the traditional way of hiring.” The cost of the traditional way seemed too high for them, so they combined technology, human expertise, and data in Recruit Loop to make hiring process easy.

The platform has been widely considered employer-favorable, as it provides more advanced search and more additional options to them. Highlights include market mapping, information about competitors, and flexible access to excellent online recruiters.


This tool is designed to help you find candidates faster through social connection and its own network recruiters. Every week, more than 30 recruitment in the UK, France and other European countries supply YBorder with lists of their best talents.

You can easily get your hands on those lists! Each of the candidates is manually approved to ensure the relevance of the talent base. The tool is trusted by Deezer and Prezi and allows contact with candidates in one click. YBorder was created by recruiters and is best suited for European recruiters.

So in conclusion…

Any smart recruiter uses tools for finding the best candidates. Feel free to check out there great options and let them be the factor that contributes to your hiring success!

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Tom Jager

Tom Jager
Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Proessaywriting and can be reached at G+  or  Facebook.

Tom Jager

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